Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, NC -- Several Wolfpack players met with the media after the Pack's loss to Virginia Tech on Wednesday night at the RBC Center.

Scott Wood

"We didn't expect this – we expected to come out and be good."

"There is always time. It could be the last game of the year and I would say there's still time. I'm not saying we can go out there and still lose but there is always time."

CJ Williams

"We were trying to run a zone – our 2-3 zone. In a zone its hard to rebound especially when guys were active and they were very active in this game. When the shot goes up we have to find a body and block them out."

"We see that we have what it takes to come back – now we just have to play with that mentality from the jump ball and try to get ahead on them."

Tracy Smith

"The second half we came out and we fought real hard."

"We are running out of time but we aren't out of time yet. We can still do some big things right now – we just can't give up. We know we are losing but we have to turn it around."

"It's been a little tough – my knee is starting to get a little sore again. I think its 'jumper's knee' or something – its definitely not the pain I was feeling before surgery."

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