Locker Room Report: Sidney Lowe

DURHAM, NC -- NC State head coach Sidney Lowe spoke with the media following the Pack's loss to the Blue Devils on Saturday night at Cameron Indoor Stadium.

Sidney Lowe

"We dug ourselves a big hole early in the ballgame, but that was a result of a couple of things.

"We took some one-pass shots, we took some no-pass shots."

"You can't have a one-pass or no-pass shot against a team like this. That's almost like a turnover."

"I was very encouraged by our team in the second half. I was encouraged by our young guys, we are a young team and I was very encouraged by our effort in the second half."

"Lorenzo Brown and Richard played well. I thought Deshawn and Jordan came in and played well for us. Gutsy effort by Ryan, trying to do what he could."

"Nineteen percent they shot in the second half. That's good against anybody but especially Duke."

"I made [the decision to suspend CJ Leslie] yesterday. had a team meeting, and they knew about it."

"[The suspension] is just one game."

"His knee is bothering him, its been bothering him for a while now – he's having trouble. This break that we have will be good for him in particular."

"I'm don' want to say anything that might get me in trouble."

"Because of the way we started the games, I'm not gonna say its rock bottom, but its not good. I'm very disappointed in our starts the last four games – very disappointed."

"You hate playing the way we are right now in the first half. But there is still a lot to play for. That was encouraging to see out of our kids."

"We took a couple of questionable shots, then we turned the ball over. And they made shots – they made a lot of shots in the first half."

"Just playing the game the right way and realizing things you can't do."

"I was very pleased and impressed with [Harrow's] grit and his guts... just trying to do it. He wasn't feeling 100% but he certainly knew that we needed another ballhandler over here, but he gave it a shot."

"[Leslie's suspension] is just one game."

"Their best players are their hardest workers... Smith and Singler. When your best player is your hardest worker, then you've got something special."

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