JOHNSON: Call For Civility

As the season spirals downward, fans should still respect and appreciate what Sidney Lowe has meant to NC State basketball.

The last month has been a complete train wreck for the NC State basketball program. There's no arguing that – since beating Wake Forest on January 8th the Pack has gone 1-7. The team beat Miami by two points and has lost by double-digits in five of the seven losses.

Javi Gonzalez has racked up more technical fouls in the last month than the Pack has racked up wins. Sidney Lowe said following the Duke game that the Pack isn't at rock bottom yet, but it's hard to see how things could get much worse.

The writing is on the wall for Lowe at this point, but that doesn't give fans and media alike the right to start cranking out the ‘Lowe needs to step down' headlines. It especially doesn't give them the right to call for a mid-season resignation – a spectacularly stupid idea born from a need for immediate gratification and a complete lack of understanding.

Regardless of his win-loss record, Lowe has earned a certain amount of respect for his time as a player and as a coach. Lowe stepped into a difficult situation, essentially the last resort after the public debacle that became the last coaching search, and tried to learn how to become a college coach.

Barring some sort of miracle over the last month, it hasn't worked out.

But there are two giant banners hanging in the rafters of the RBC Center, and without Sidney Lowe there would only be one. Somewhere among all the ugly losses this season, that simple fact has been forgotten.

Lowe has earned the right to not have every game become a treatise on his tenure. He's earned the right to try and save the flaming, sinking ship that is this season.

So to the fan that shouted ‘Lowe must go' at a dead ball timeout against Virginia Tech last week – just shut-up. To the trio that wore bags over their heads at Cameron – you aren't clever. And to any fan that might be tempted to do something similarly distasteful, think twice about what Lowe has meant to NC State before you make an ass out of yourself.

Fans have every right to be upset by what is happening on the court right now. They have every right to be upset about the job that Lowe has done as the Pack's head coach. Wanting Lowe's tenure to end after he finishes out the year is fine, but he should be able to finish out this season without being publicly berated by his own fanbase.

Writing that Sidney Lowe should be fired or resign isn't analysis. It's stating the obvious in order to prove some level of faux ‘insight' or to allow for a self-congratulatory of ‘I saw this coming' when something actually happens.

As she has stated multiple times, Debbie Yow will sit down with Lowe at the end of the season and make a decision. Lowe might forgo that meeting and make a decision on his own accord.

Until that happens, there's nothing of value to say.

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