Lowe: 'I Still Believe In Them'

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State head coach Sidney Lowe spoke to the media today about his team and the upcoming game against Wake Forest.

Outlook for the rest of the season:
It's the second half of the season. We have to go on the road, win a game, and get something started. We have a couple of games at home, and I keep saying there's still some time. We just have to make it happen now, or soon.

On Tracy Smith:
We let him take a couple days off, actually, to let him help the knee. He did practice yesterday. We'll allow him to do some things, and then we'll pull him out of certain drills, but he still needs to get some action obviously to help him with his timing. Right now, what's more important is for his knee to be healthy in order to help us. Having him every day, every drill is probably not the best thing for us.

On Ryan Harrow:
He's getting better. He had a good practice yesterday. He's getting some contact and coming along.

On offensive struggles:
There are certain things that we've done that have hurt us, when you talk about the consistency in play. We have those stretches where we don't score, or we have trouble scoring. Looking at the film, you can see times when we've had one pass or no passes and then put up a shot, you can't do that. When we play well, the ball is moving, and we have screening and movement. We have to get back to moving the ball around and playing a little more together in terms of finding the open man.

On Lorenzo Brown:
He's a young talent, which we knew. He's capable of performing in big games. He's young, and I've said that before, but he's going to be a really good basketball player for this school. He's going to have a great career and he's going to be a part of something special, not just because of his ability but because of his heart and the way he plays.

He's capable with the ball in his hands. Now it's just a matter of him learning and continuing to improve, knowing when to take it or pass it... I think before he leaves here he's going to be a point guard at 6-foot-4. Now it's just a matter of him learning more of how to play that position.

He's going to be good.

On whether the team is feeling pressure:
I think they need to know the urgency of the situation. Not to put pressure on them, but there's an urgency of getting on a run and getting things started. You have to have a goal in mind, and how to get there, what to do. I don't think I'm putting too much pressure on them, but they know that we need to make a run now.

What do they need to do?
It's how we need to play. We look at film and watch film and learn. We need to learn. We can't make the same mistakes. We're young, but I don't like saying that all the time. Even young you need to learn and not make mistakes.

We're in the second half of the season. The freshmen are almost sophomores... you're not sophomores but you've gone through it.

Thoughts on mindset of team:
It's kind of interesting, last year we had a team that had a tough stretch, and I kept saying they are coming to practice every day and still coming, and all of a sudden we went on a run.

I'm seeing the same type of attitude in these guys so I still believe in them.

Is there a goal right now?
Right now we want to win. We're trying to take it one at a time.

It's a war but we have to win the small battles first. Right now it's just winning, having that winning feeling again and being one game closer to finishing strong and going into the ACC Tournament.

Right now it's the short-term goals and as short as you can get is winning the next game.

Do you think this team has felt some pressure given the preseason expectations?
I think there's been some pressure on them, expecting or trying to live up to expectations, fair or unfair, it is what it is.

I told them there is no pressure from me or our staff in terms of how good they are going to be. What we want them to do is play as hard as they can and as smart as they can. If you do those things you're going to be okay.

Thoughts on bad shots:
In my opinion as a coach and former player I don't think you have to take a bad shot. I just don't, and we've got to get those guys to know that's not okay.

In talking with some of the players, some of our older guys, you need to police that on the floor. If a guy is taking a bad shot, it's okay to say something to him as a teammate. Trying to get a couple of our guys to feel comfortable doing that, that's a task. We don't have anyone that's very comfortable, so it comes from me all the time.

The players can police themselves a little bit.

A bad shot is just like a turnover. You don't see good teams take a lot of bad shots. It just doesn't happen. They don't take bad shots.

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