Lowe Encouraged By Pack's Effort

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State head coach Sidney Lowe spoke to the media today about his team and the upcoming game against Clemson.

"I do feel that they've been here long enough, I think they've earned it. [CJ Leslie, Ryan Harrow and Lorenzo Brown] are certainly part of the future of the program and they need to get the experience. But they've earned it. That was our starting lineup."

"They like playing together, but they were effective in the last ball game. Defensively, I thought all three of those guys played well for us. They play off of each other and then offensively, all three are capable scorers for us."

"I always try to look at our team, and I've said this on any given night, anything can happen. I like to look at it like we played well. We shot the ball well, which was a big key. We did things that we talked about doing defensively. We had 22 assists. We still had to do the things correctly to score and get those shots so I'd like to give us credit."

"Ryan Harrow is much better defensively than he was in January. I knew that would happen, because again, he's never seen anything like this before or played against players that will burn you every time. His concept of team defense has been good and it's getting better. I'm happy with his on the ball defense."

"This is what I expected to see [from Harrow, Leslie and Brown], some players it takes longer than others. It was an adjustment for these guys. They are certainly talented players and talented young men but some of the expectations that were put on them were not fair. I knew it would take time. I felt that in time they would get it because they are competitors and they are talented."

"Lorenzo cares a great deal. And not that other guys don't but you see it on him. He just keeps playing. He's a special young man. All of our guys care but you can see it on his face. It's a challenge to him to help the team but it's also a challenge because he takes his matchups personal, which is what we talk about."

"[Tracy Smith's] knee was definitely better in the Wake Forest game, he ran the floor well. That time off that we had really helped. He didn't do much today at all. We want to make sure that Tracy is ready."

"They are aware and they know there is going to be movement. If we can take care of our business and playing these games at home in front of our crowd, these guys know they could find themselves in a very good position. That's reality. Here we are, a few games from moving up."

"[CJ Leslie] has been great. It's an indication of how he played. He's been great. Since he's come back, he's been great. The best thing that came out of that was that after the Wake Forest game he said he let his teammates down. That's the most important thing to me. That tells you what he was feeling."

"I might be one of the few, but you guys have heard me say that we're doing some things well. This team, they've always done something to give me encouragement. Something that we hadn't been doing well. We may not have won the ball game, but we improved in something, some area. For me as a coach to watch our team, that's encouraging for me. Once we conquer all those things, now we can go. It was encouraging for me in the Wake Forest game to talk about things and then the guys go out there and do it."

"We've got a tough challenge tomorrow, let's see if we can come out and play well, and play better than we did in that second half at Clemson."

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