Locker Room Report: Sidney Lowe

RALEIGH, NC -- Sidney Lowe spoke with the media following the Pack's win over Clemson on Thursday night at the RBC Center.

Sidney Lowe

"Obviously it was a great ballgame for our team, great win for us. I'm really proud of our guys for the way they hung in there."

"Guys making plays... C.J. Leslie had an offensive rebound that gave us another possession, Lorenzo's defense, Richard's rebounding... it was just a great team effort... a great win for us."

"That was the main thing, we talked about it briefly a few days ago but I didn't say anything about it today. I just talked about trying to go out and duplicating what we did in the Wake Forest game."

"For me right now the motivating factor is us just wanting to play together, play hard and win games."

"Javi was outstanding. He came into the ballgame and gave us energy defensively, and offensively he ran the show... he controlled the game, he controlled the team."

"He came up big. That's what we need and what we expect. He showed his experience... I put him in there just for that reason. Pressure situation, and I felt he'd be able to handle that, and he did."

"Sometimes it takes a little longer than you expect or you want, but it seems like it's starting to happen a little bit for us."

"Young guys are getting great experience, and I just like where we are."

"Just doing whatever you can do to help. If you're not scoring you can rebound, you can pass, you can defend. No one was worried about getting touches, no one was worried about minutes or anything. They were just trying to do what they could."

"Just coming together and doing whatever you could do to help the team win."

"C.J. Leslie was outstanding. Rebounding, defensively he was good. His energy was great. He went after a couple of offensive rebounds that were just huge, big-time plays for us. It's carried over again... I think he's learning."

"He's growing, he's still learning, but he was outstanding tonight."

"Maryland... they always play hard. It's a tough place to play. We have to concentrate on ourselves, pay attention to the scouting reports and what guys like to do, and take those things away from them."

"It will be a tough ballgame for us, but I like where we are right now, but we're still continuing to grow. We're not where we're going to be, still... we have room to grow, but I like where we're going."

"He realized that he missed being out there with his teammates... he said he let his teammates down, and to me that was the most important thing."

"I think he just didn't like being out there with those guys."

"I told them how we were, how we played... how we really didn't care who got what. We really didn't. We had a team that was just close and we didn't want to let each other down."

"Lorenzo has been good, but Javi was good tonight in terms of running the team. Lorenzo is starting to emerge a little bit in talking to guys, and feeling comfortable with it. My thing with Zo, and I told him that if he's going to tell guys they have to do something then he has to do it too.

"I think he certainly is comfortable with that, and he's going to get better with that. Again, he's not where he's going to be, and his teammates really respect him. I think he's certainly going to be one of the leaders of our ballclub."

"With every team there are certain players they count on every night to be successful, and we need those three bigs to do that every night for us to be successful. They did it tonight and in different ways."

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