Lowe: Howell Is Out For Carolina

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State head coach Sidney Lowe spoke to the media today about his team and the upcoming game against North Carolina.

On Richard Howell's Injury Status:
No he's not going to be able to play. He's out for tomorrow's game and we have to see how he does this afternoon with the doctors. Hopefully we'll have him back for the next ball game.

On Reaction to Howell's Injury:
It's frustrating, and disappointing for our team and for Richard. He was starting to really play well and fit in to his role. He was realizing how effective he can be at doing certain things for us to help this team win. He was a major piece to our team. We're going to miss his rebounding, his passing, his defense, we're going to miss that.

If C.J. Leslie needs a break, what would rotation look like?
It depends. It could be Smith and Painter or it could be Smith and Vandenberg. It could be Jordan and Deshawn. I think we're going to need them all. It just depends.

If we get in trouble, C.J. Williams might have to play some four. We just don't know what can happen there, but I think you'll see a combination of certainly Tracy and one of the other bigs, whether Deshawn or Jordan.

On UNC's Tyler Zeller:
What stands out to me with Zeller is the way he approaches the game. His ability to run the floor, his size, his aggressiveness are all positives for them. When I watch him I can tell there's no messing around. You can tell by his facial expression that he's coming after it and he's going to get it. When there's a play that needs to be made, he just seems to be there. It's just part of his make-up, and part of the way he is.

On Previous Meeting with UNC:
They played well against us. Barnes had his coming out, Henson played well, but I think think it was also some of our own doing, and we talked about that. The quick shots, the one-pass shots, the no-pass shots, when you play against a good team you have to be willing to make the extra pass, because they're not going to allow you to get a quick, open shot. I think we forced some shots, and, before you know it, it's 11-2 and it becomes an uphill battle.

On Improvements Needed for a Win:
I think we have to be stronger with the ball. If we score the ball, we'll be okay, but if we turn it over an take bad shots then it's tough to beat a team like that. We have to play solid defense. We could play zone, but if we're not active in that zone then they'll pick that apart too.

On Scoring Against UNC's John Henson:
You have to be a moving target, that's what I told our guys. You can't change the situation. If I'm 6'4 and Henson's guarding me, and I try to shoot it over him 10 times, he's probably going to block it 10 times. I think you have to be realistic about who he is. Every player has strengths, and that's his. You can't play to his strength. You have to keep him moving around, and if he comes over for a block we need to keep our heads up and find the open man.

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