Locker Room Report: Sidney Lowe

RALEIGH, NC -- Sidney Lowe spoke with the media following the Pack's win over Georgia Tech on Saturday afternoon at the RBC Center.

Sidney Lowe

"Obviously that was a very good win for our team. We hung in there and made some plays down the stretch when we had to."

"Sometimes it takes younger teams a little longer than others. You never know when its going to click in."

"[Vandenberg]'s been coming along but it sorta clicked for him one time. He started to understand what we wanted from him – how he could help."

"It's just simple things like keeping the ball high and on a pick and roll go to the rim. Now he goes right to the rim."

"We played much smarter down the stretch. That's just what I told our team."

"We didn't really force shots late in the ball game."

"We count on [Tracy]. But having said that in the huddle he's the one guy I talked to."

"It's never too late for your team to change of for them to get it. As I said before sometimes it takes longer than it does for other teams – but its never too late."

"You have to know how to win. And when you are leading you have to play smart."

"We just talked about our last four possession [before halftime] – two turnovers, a missed lay-up and a bad shot. That's our last four possessions."

"What I wanted to show them was just how easy it is to give a game away. Each mistake is crucial."

"When we got into our practice yesterday we were fresh, we were good. I gave them the day off after the game because I didn't think we would come back and have a great practice – I knew they were spent mentally from the other ball game."

"Tracy made some great passes, CJ Leslie made some great passes out of the post in the early in the game."

"I don't like that term – there is no odd guy out. Right now the rotation has changed and Jordan has been in the ball game. But just like Jordan has to stay ready, DeShawn Painter has to be ready to come into the ball game."

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