Coach's Corner: DBs, Specialists

NC State recruiting coordinator Jerry Petercuskie breaks down special teams and the defensive backs signed in the class of 2011.

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PART II: Coach's Corner: Skill Positions

With the class of 2011 now in the books, Pack Pride was able to sit down recently with special team's coach and Wolfpack recruiting coordinator, Jerry Petercuskie. He broke down each position and gave some interesting insight into the talent the NC State staff identified with each player. Today, in the third of a three part series, Petercuskie discusses special teams along with the defensive backs.

Can you talk about your special teams signees with kicker Niklas Sade, punter Wil Baumann, and long snapper Scott Thompson?
First off, they all were in camp. So, I got a chance to work with them personally which was something we do with quarterbacks but we also do with the specialists because it's very difficult in my opinion to see on a tape how they're going to kick the ball, punt the ball or snap the ball.

We had the luxury that all three kids came to camp last summer, we made some evaluations, recruited them and blessed to get them in my mind.

Sade had committed to Nebraska after camping at State. Had you given up on him at that point?
Yeah, absolutely. He had committed to Nebraska so we had moved on to some other guys and then he called and we still hadn't got anybody and the match was made. Sometimes you need to catch the breaks (laughing).

With Wil Baumann, he's such a tall guy, does that create any unique issues given his long stride and making sure you get the punt off in time?
Because he has the long leverage, he has to be quick enough with the football. The taller you are like that, the tendency is to be longer in your delivery and consequently, it takes longer to get the ball off. So that's something we've talked about and he's got to work on to get the speed of his delivery to increase.

But as far as the other part of it being tall and lengthy, I think it is really a benefit because of the flexibility he has. He just has tremendous flexibility in his leg.

Juston Burris and Tyrrell Burriss, do they look like corners initially? Juston is a little bigger than your typical corner, but he seems to fit the mold of what you guys like.
Juston is in the same mold as, say, a David Amerson in terms of his length and his skill level. You know, we'll see. David's played extremely well as a freshman so I'm not saying Juston is David, but, as far as his physical attributes that he brings to the table, he is.

Tyrell, he is a tough kid. He's an extremely good tackler in the open field. He has good ball skills and he can leap. So, he's a kid that we feel really good about.

Wasn't he a guy that kind of broke your way later on because of his academics?
That's exactly right. He is a guy that really turned it on in the class room and then did a good job with his total package academically. And then once we found out and stayed with him, we were able to finish it up at the end.

Finally is safety Rodman Noel. He's a guy that coach O'Brien mentioned as possibly being someone who could get on the field early. Also, did you guys recruit his brother, Jim, up at Boston College?
We did recruit [Jim] a little bit. We had seen Rodman as a freshman going into his sophomore year so we knew a little bit about him. He ended up going over to Milford Academy so he's a little bit older. Consequently, being a little older and being away from home once already, the transition may not be as difficult for him. So, he may be able to pick up things a little quicker.

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