Point Guards at Boo Williams

The Boo Williams tournament this past weekend had great play from some of the best point guards in the nation. We were there evaluating some of the top 2004 talent. NC State is currently looking at some of these guards as potential future players.

2004 PG Marquie Cooke (6-3 * Boo Williams)

 Clint: Cooke is a power point guard, plain and simple. He handles the ball and runs the offense and can drive to the basket using his strength and size to get in the lane. He likes to draw the defense and kick the ball to the open shooter -- so playing alongside someone who can stroke it would be ideal for Cooke. He has a nice mid-range jump shot and can flush the ball on the break if needed. We love his size, his athletic ability and his ability to set up his teammates.

Jerry: Cooke is a physical specimen at point guard. When he takes the floor you expect big things immediately. While he is capable of delivering fast drives and high flying dunks, the surprise here, is the finesse with which he runs his team. He does not force the issue with his size but rather uses patience and brains to find open teammates. He uses his physical abilities to drive to the hoop as good as anyone. The result seems certain, an assist, a trip to the foul line or a certain dunk. Marquie has super star written all over his game.

2004 PG Enrico Tucker (6-0 * California Elite)

 Clint: This smallish athlete can soar with anyone. The rumors about his vertical are true. It's got to be somewhere in the 40's without a doubt. He likes to play defense and is very fundamentally sound in doing so. His agility is superb and he has shown some ability to make the clever pass as well. His size may be of some concern playing on the ACC level -- but his athletic ability may be enough to compensate. We'd like to see him more to evaluate his shooting.

Jerry: Tucker is one of the best perimeter defenders in the class of 2004. He is able to ride an offensive player from the half court line regardless of cross dribbles, stutter steps or feints. The space he creates between himself and the offensive player is razor thin and it is amazing how he is able to maintain that space through-out the defensive ride. Offensively, his muscle laden legs give him the ability to get way up. Defenders need not slack off beyond the arc or he will burn you for three. He also has a very effective scoop pass he uses when he drives in the lane. The ball actually starts below his knees and arcs up under defenders to his teammates. Rico probably has more upside than any other PG prospect from 2004. He has been a two sport athlete until this year. He plans on concentrating solely on basketball from this point on in his career.

2004 PG A.J. Price (6-1 * Riverside Church)

 Clint: Price has been killing folks with points for a few years now. He first emerged as the "other good player" on Amityville High School when Jason Fraser was in high school. Now, Price is a marquee talent in his own right. He's a blessed shooter with range. He's quick with the ball and can create his own shot. A very high energy kid who plays all out all the time. He can handle the point or play off the ball but he's always active on the floor. A definite big timer who can play at any level of college basketball.

Jerry: Oh my! AJ is a dazzling point guard who plays the game offensively like a small forward. He can step out and drain threes or he can attack the goal with the best of them. Mix in his ability to dish with flare, and you have a breathtaking player. While not extremely physical, his quickness is what separates him from the pretenders. Some see him as a two guard, but I would rather say he is a scoring point. Defensively he can be a nightmare for opponents. He knows how to anticipate and he will get his share of steals. Look for AJ to challenge for the top guard honors in the class of 2004.

2004 PG Jason Horton (6-1 * Team Texas)

Clint: Horton is a pure point guard in every sense of the word. He really knows how to read a defense and exploit it. His mannerisms of running the offense are very similar to that of Steve Blake of Maryland. And like Blake -- he really knows how to knock down the open three-ball. Horton is definitely a top 25 guy and surely, he's going to be a strong candidate for the McDonalds All American game.


2004 PG Isaiah Swann (6-2 * DC Blue Devils)

 Jerry: Swan is a left hander that can flat out stroke the three. He is plenty strong and can take it inside and hold his own. He also has a very nice touch in distributing the ball and I was impressed with his ability to do so in traffic. He also has those huge legs that make him a force when rebounding. Isaiah is the total package.



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