Wartman Planning Extended Visit to NC State

Archbald (PA) Valley View linebacker Nyeem Wartman will be making an extended visit to NC State. Pack Pride has the latest on his upcoming trip.

During this time of year it's common for prospects to spend a day at a school checking out the campus and talking to the coaches.

In fact, that happens frequently. It's rare, however, for prospects to hang around a school for several days.

That's exactly what Nyeem Wartman will be doing in just a couple of weeks. The 6-3, 230-pound prospect from Archbald (PA) Valley View will be taking an extended trip to NC State.

"I'm getting out to NC State on March 16-19," Wartman said. It should just be the usual, seeing the school, talking to the coaches and seeing the way they practice. Those will all be factors in my decision."

While Wartman will be spending four days in Raleigh, don't take that as a sign that NC State is the school to beat, at least not yet.

"I'm not high on anyone. I just want to see the schools," he insisted. "I know NC State has a beautiful campus and they're a good academic school.

"I know they're a good football team and they play in the ACC. I know just from watching a few of their games this year the linebacker corps has swagger."

Wartman's trip to NC State will be his first unofficial visit of the recruiting process. He will be looking at plenty of different things while he's in town.

"The campus lifestyle and the players," Wartman said, citing those two things as factors in his decision down the line. "The people you're around is a big part of how you play football. Also the school support and whether the school has pride in their team. The coaching style and academics. Also, say I do get more scholarships. Then playing time could play somewhat of a factor. That's not a big thing but if I get more offers then I'll consider it."

Wartman will be at Penn State on March 26. He also said he will visit Boston College and Rutgers in the immediate future as well.

"I'm waiting for other schools to contact me," he added, signaling that he may not be anywhere near a decision.

Every school that has offered Wartman likes him as a linebacker. Some schools are saying inside linebacker while others like him on the outside, or even as a hybrid that would play like a safety closer to the line of scrimmage.

"I like the 3-4 (defense) a lot," he said. "But it really doesn't matter."

Wartman also said location would not be a factor in his decision.

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