Rico Tucker Shot Charts and Stats

Statefans gives you this exclusive look at the shots that Enrico Tucker took in the opening round games at Boo Williams last weekend.

While Enrico Tucker is a solid all around guard, his defensive ability is something special. During California Elite's game against Indiana Red on Day 2 of Boo Williams, he was matched up with Drew Adams, a very capable AAU opponent… well, maybe not so capable!

The first trip up for Adams drew Tucker in like a magnet as soon as the ball crossed center court. Adams tried to cross dribble but Tucker had Drew too smothered to cross. Instead, Adams spun right, but Tucker beat him to his left and to the spot. Adams picked up his dribble and lobbed a pass to his wing guard. It was as if Tucker had provided a double trap on his own.

The next trip up court was even worse for Adams. As he approached center court, Tucker jumped him before he could cross. I am talking close… so close no light passed between the players. Adam seemed a bit surprised by it all and attempted to spin his way out of trouble, but it was too late. Rico had his hand in Adam's pocket and picked it clean as Adams fell to the floor reaching for the now elusive ball. Tucker took the loot and accelerated to the hoop using his 4.5 speed and slammed home a two handed dunk for his first two points of the game.

Drew Adams did not try to bring the ball up the court for the rest of the game.

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