Coach's Corner: Skill Positions

Today, in the second of a three-part series, NC State recruiting coordinator Jerry Petercuskie breaks down the skill position signees in the Wolfpack's 2011 class.

PART I: Coach's Corner: The Linemen

With the class of 2011 now in the books, Pack Pride was able to sit down recently with special team's coach and Wolfpack recruiting coordinator, Jerry Petercuskie. He broke down each position and gave some interesting insight into the talent the NC State staff identified with each player.

Today, in the the second of a three-part series, Petercuskie talks about the skill positions.

In the beginning it appeared you set out to take an athletic quarterback and a pure, drop back quarterback. You signed Brian Taylor so which mold did you feel like he fit into because he seems to be a blend of both?
I think what he is, is a guy that is extremely smart and very athletic. Obviously he's a three-sport star around here. He has the ability to be able to get into the offense right away being as bright as he is and then he has the athleticism to be able to do both- he can throw the football, he can move with the ball. So, he's kind of the ‘tweener guy.

Brian Taylor

The fact that he was able to take his team to a state championship, is that something you consider at all?
It all depends but productivity in high school is a factor that we look at, no question about it. But some guys may be stuck on some teams that are not as good as others and he can't take a team to that level. But productivity at all positions is something you have to look at. It's a piece of the puzzle that's important to us.

You had a couple of guys that are interesting because it seems like they could help you in several different areas. Could you talk about Hakim Jones and Maurice Morgan.
Well, the redeemable with those guys are, they're long and they're fast and they're both tough guys. When you look at that, what position are they going to end up, only the good Lord knows but they're going to be coming in here and one is going to be in the secondary and one is going to be a wideout and we'll see how it works out.

But both of those guys, with Maurice being in camp where he just lit it up and obviously we were able to get in on him quick and he committed.

Then Hakim, he was a late bloomer. He grew, just in the past summer, three or four inches. Obviously there's a legacy there and then we felt really good about him when he came for one of our games in the fall and we saw how big he had got and then put that piece together with his tape, and he's a really good student. So it was a good match up for us.

Can you talk about your two skills guys, tight end Benson Browne and wide receiver Hakeem Flowers?
Well, Benson Browne, he has great size, He's a big kid that can block a 7 technique which he has to be able to do in our offense to play the tight end position.

Hakeem Flowers

But I'll tell you what, he's a much better athlete than a lot of people give him credit for. On his tape he did a good job of running and catching the football, also. So he fits the mold of the typical tight end that you don't see in college football much anymore. He's a big guy and he's going to be able to get down the field and he's going to be able to catch the ball so I think he's a guy with a lot of potential.

With Flowers, we were in on him early but he had some other options and opportunities so we kind of hung in there with him. Some of those other schools fell by the way side and we feel good about him with his redeemable being his ball skills and he can run.

Was there anything with Flowers that just clicked where he picked State over the other schools?
No, I don't know if there was one thing or another. I think there was a possibility of the other schools not being in position, then going through the recruiting process in the end, saying he had a tremendous visit here and it's a good fit for me.


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