Locker Room Report: Sidney Lowe & Tracy Smith

GREENSBORO, NC -- Sidney Lowe and Tracy Smith met with reporters following the Pack's loss to Maryland on Thursday night in the opening round of the ACC Tournament.

Sidney Lowe and Tracy Smith PC

"This is my school, I love this school. I poured my sweat for four years here to give it my best."

"It was my hope and dream to come back here and do something special again. It means a lot more to me than it might mean to another coach."

"It hurts me. I know what its about down here and I know what its like to win here."

"I'm a basketball coach so you are always hoping to coach. We are going to sit down and talk, Debbie [Yow] said that from day one. We'll sit down and talk and see where it goes from there."

"We missed a lot of shots," Lowe said. "A lot of lay-ups, a lot of open looks. But I was really proud of the way our guys hung in there and fought."

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