Second commitment for NC State

While most knew where Albemarle (NC) kicker Tyler Lewis would end up, the timing was a surprise.

Entering the weekend, North Carolina State player.

"It is just where I wanted to go," says the 6-foot-2, 230 pounder. "The coaches talked to me and the other big committed player (Lemarte McGhee) and said they consider us as the crown jewels in the recruiting class."

The Wolfpack coaches consider Lewis so important and so good that he does not even need to camp this summer.

"They said I do not need to go to their camp, and it will save my family some money," Tyler admits, who says he does not need to really work on kicking from the ground.

"I am kicking from a one inch tee, while most kids are kicking from a two incher. I think I actually kick better off the ground, because I sometimes get under the ball too much."

If Lewis, who had 106 extra points last year in addition to the 97 as a sophomore and was 8-of-11 in field goals missing from 57, 54, and 48 yards, is better off the ground, why not kick that way in games?

"Coach (Jack) Gaster keeps that grass about four inches tall, and there is no way I am kicking through that."

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