Big Men at Boo Williams

The Boo Williams Invitational had plenty of talented big men take the floor last weekend. While watching all the great guard play, I was able to take a few notes on some of the better low post play. The 2005 class looks to be loaded.

2005 PF Richard Hendrix (6'9" * Alabama Lasers)


Hendrix is a man-child who is a dominating inside player as a sophomore. He is extremely strong and knows how to play the post despite his young age. He played as good as anyone at Boo with his back to the basket, and he got plenty of chances at the free throw line because of it. He is easy a top 25 player from the Class of 2005.


2005 C Yamone Coleman (6'10" * Alabama Lasers)


Yamone is a slim center with a lot of potential. He probably weighs in the 200 pound range. While not as physical as Hendrix, his upside is very good. He ran the floor well and has a certain finesse in his game that was impressive. Potentially, Coleman is a top 100 performer.


2005 PF Mike Davis (6'9" 220 * Gouchos)


Davis was another of the young power forwards that deserve recognition. He has long arms and is a bit rangy. He played well around the basket showing some quick inside moves. He is definately one to watch.


2006 C Derrik Character (6'8" 275 * Riverside Church)


Remember the name Derrick Character. He will be a super star one day. He has incredible size and it is all mass with no fat. Riverside would run screens off him and defenders had a hard time coming off picks because of his wide body. He has a great inside game that extends to 14-15 feet. But what really fascinated me about this big man was the nice touch he had on his passes. Derrick is just an unbelievable talent and he is not slowed at all by his size. He has to be considered for the number one player in the class of 2006.


2004 C James Gist (6'10" 215 * DC Blue Devils)


James is yet another fluid big man who gets up and down the court as fast as anyone. He has plenty of hops and has a knack for getting rebounds. I also was impressed with his offensive work around the basket. When you watch Gist play, he is just one of those players you would like to see at NC State. Too bad he considers Maryland, Kentucky, Providence Tennessee and others as his favorites.


2004 C Peter Prowitt (6'10" * DC Blue Devils)


He had one of the biggest bodies at Boo Williams and was a man amongst boys. While not the fastest player (seemed to be a little out of shape) on the floor, Prowitt knows how to play the game. His size and brains made him a deadly force when players entered the paint. He played only about ten minutes in the game I saw and he still came away with five rejections against some very capable players. Again, offensively, he uses his body to get position and he has a variety of moves which include a sweet jump hook. He has great hands and a very nice touch when distributing the ball from the low post. Peter has committed to Stanford and his presence inside is going to make some three point sharp shooter extremely happy as he will be a crucial part of any inside/outside game.


2004 SF Brandon Rush (6'7" * Howard Pulley)


Brandon plays like a 6'9"-6'10" power forward when he is inside which is what makes him so effective as a small forward. He was unstoppable in the game I saw, scoring with ease around the basket. He also looked very comfortable out to about 17 feet. He was one of the most memorable players I saw during the Boo weekend.


2005 SF/PF Julian Wright (6'8" * Illinois Warriors)


Wright is a long and lean player that I think could play Small Forward with a little more range on his shot. He likes the jump shot and right now it's good from mid-range. His height is just an added bonus and he is plenty quick for a big man. He could be one of the best in the class of 2005.


2005 PF Ra'Sean Dickey (6'9" * South Carolina Ravens)


Dickey has the body that you want in a power forward. He is tall and strong and he has plenty of power around the basket. Opponents found him to be a handful as he was at the charity strip constantly. Dickey is one of those Atlantic Coast regional players that will make somebody real happy.


2005 SF Joshua Dollard (6'7" * South Carolina Ravens)


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