More Miami Nike Camp Notes

Here are some additional thoughts from the Nike Camp in Miami on Saturday. It will be another talent-rich year in south Florida based on the performances this past weekend at the camp.

The best quarterback there was probably Glade Central's Omar Haugabrook. He was 6-2, 205 (and built very well, almost like a college linebacker) and had a tremendous arm. During 1 on 1 drills, he was able to deliver the ball on a deep out better than anyone else. He's very raw, mechanically, but is definitely a Div 1 kid. Deerfield Beach's Brentt Scheaffer showed up late because of the SAT in the morning. At 6-2 and 180, he showed good athletic ability and polish. He also looks to be a Div 1 type kid.

There were several good running backs -- Damian Sims and Tyease Thompson both looked good. However, both Bobby Washington and Charlie Jones were very good. Washington, at 198 pounds, is extremely quick and powerful. His leg drive is incredible. Jones, who was favoring a quad late in the camp, is more of a football player than a camp guy. He had a 37-inch vert, one of the camp's highest, but he's just a different kid on the football field. He told me that afterwards and I believe him -- and so do the several major schools that have already offered him. Trying to choose between these two as to who the top running back prospect in the state is will be very difficult for anyone.

On the D-Line, there were two other kids I remember watching that I wanted to mention -- Edison's Richard Clebert and Jackson's Sabas Whitaker. Clebert dominated the drills and was very powerful inside. Checking in at 6-feet, he's hoping to add an inch or two over the next several months. Whitaker displayed lots of leadership and passion out there. At 6-2 and 265, he did very well in drills and looks like a potential major Division 1 prospect.

Also of note: Keith Rivers won the MVP. I can't argue with that. I felt he was one of the two or three best prospects there and had a tremendous day. Also, he's listed at 200 but he was more (I'm pretty sure it was 215). Willie Williams is also listed at 200 and he was 225. Those two are both big, big time prospects.

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