Yow Talks Lowe's Resignation, Coaching Search

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State announced the resignation of Sidney Lowe today at a press conference in Vaughn Towers.

NC State Press Conference (AUDIO)

NOTE: Press conference starts at the 29:00 mark in the video below. Scroll over at the bottom of the video. The scrollbar pops up when you hover over the video link.

"We wanted to have this press conference for three purposes. One is to publicly thank Coach Lowe, the second is to describe the hiring process that we will be going through and the third is to allow you to ask questions about any of that."

"I had conversation with Coach Lowe that started at noon, it lasted about an hour. Two people in the room who care about each other and simply disagree on the way to get to the next level in the program. Very amicable, if I can use that word in a situation like this. He's a good man and I think a lot of him personally. I always want him to be part of the Wolfpack family. I don't ever want him to be awkward about being in our world and in our lives."

"The hiring process will begin tomorrow. The first thing will be to hire a search firm. We will probably do that tomorrow or the day following. I'm already familiar with the search firms that are available so that shouldn't take a long time."

"We will have a search committee, it will be small. As soon as we know who those individuals are we will let you know that."

"I believe that most of the candidates we'll be interested in will be playing in the NCAA Tournament, so the concept of changing coaching staffs quickly is unrealistic."

"No one who is a viable candidate who is coaching in the NCAA Tournament wants to do anything other than focus right now than trying to advance, and I understand that. I respect it. But we will be making some contacts, probably through the search firm, and we'll be very respectful of their time."

"We are going to be competitive nationally in terms of compensation."

"I really do believe it's inappropriate for us to talk publicly about the search as it's going on."

"I am going to try not to react to things that I might read that are inaccurate. I'm not sure that I can pull that off, but I'm going to try because I think that's the right way to conduct the search and how I've conducted every other search as long as I've been an AD."

"I think the only time I would ever probably say something is for whatever reason a person comes out and says, 'I was offered the NC State job and I turned it down,'and I know they weren't offered it I'm probably going to say something. I don't think that is right."

"We don't have a timeline. We will not have a timeline."

"Coach Lowe will be paid every penny that's owed to him. I couldn't tell you exactly what that is, I'm really nervous because I'm afraid I'm going to give you the wrong number. The attorney for the University has talked to his agent and they are working that out now, I think it's somewhere around the $900,000 number."

"The first goal is to be competitive in the ACC, and if you are competitive in the ACC it will follow in the NCAA Tournament. It also follows that if we are competitive in the ACC there is a higher likelihood that we will be more competitive with UNC and with Duke over time."

"I think ideally we would want a coach who could be here 10 years, 12 years, 15 years. That said, we're going to look for someone who has what I call the stuff. They have the ability to turn a program, have the ability to win at a high level and that you see that in their career. Wherever they go, they win. This is an art, it's not a science. There are coaches that you could sit down anywhere and they would figure it out. That's the kind of person we're looking for."

"Our fan base is our foundation, they are one of our greatest strengths. 20,000 strong in the Wolfpack Club, what do we want, 20,000 strong or apathy? I'm just going to take the 20,000 any day. They don't always agree with everything I do, I've found them to be respectful even when they disagree and they have a right to their opinion."

"It's hard for me to compare a search I wasn't involved with. I've heard the stories, as you suggest. That's why I'm not big on making proclamations or talking publicly about what we're doing. We'll see where it ends up. I have confidence in NC State and what we have to offer. Maybe it's a different job than it was five years ago, but I am confident in where we are today, what we are to offer and there is someone out there who will gravitate toward the job."

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