Bryan: 'I Love Playing For The Wolfpack'

RALEIGH, N.C. -- George Bryan could have declared for the NFL draft, but NC State's star tight end elected to return to school for his senior season.

George Bryan

Talk about your decision to come back:
I just felt like I had a couple more things that I needed to work on. I wanted to win an ACC championship, and I also wanted to get a degree... finish my school.

I just felt like that was the best thing for me and this team is for me to come back and be a leader, get my schoolwork, and get better.. I guess get ready for the next level.

Are you close to graduating?
I have 12 more [credit] hours and I'm done.

How did Mike Glennon look today?
I've always liked Mike. He's an awesome quarterback and he's got a cannon. He knows the offense, and he's also a great leader to be as young as he is... He looks great, and I think he's going to be really good.

What are the differences with coach Bridge and coach Horton?
They have a little different coaching styles, but they are both great coaches. I'm excited to have another perspective from another coach... just be taught by another person. They are both great guys and they've taught me a lot.

Coach O'Brien has mentioned that tight end might be the deepest position on the team. Talk about that.
We've got three guys behind me. Mario Carter, Asa [Watson], and Anthony [Talbert], they are nipping on my heels. They are good, they are going to be great. They are a bunch of good workers who know the offense too.

How seriously did you consider leaving?
I considered it pretty good for a little earlier. I talked to some people but we just felt like, my family, coach Bridge, coach O'Brien, all the coaches felt like it would be a better fit for me to come back because I still have stuff to work on.

There is no rush. I love playing for the Wolfpack, and I want to graduate as a Wolfpack.

Was there ever any back and forth, leaning, or did you always think you were coming back?
I pretty much always thought I was coming back. There was a thought in the back of my head of maybe something happening... it was just a thought.

Did you send off paperwork to the NFL for information?
I didn't ever send anything off but we talked to some people. My parents did, and got some feedback from them.

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