Green Wasn't Surprised By Position Change

RALEIGH, N.C. -- One of the biggest position changes this spring is at linebacker, where sophomore D.J. Green has moved into the starting lineup at strongside linebacker after switching from safety. Pack Pride talked with Green this morning about the change.

D.J. Green

Thoughts on Coach Tenuta:
I'm just looking to learn the position. I feel like coach Tenuta is a very good coach. I can learn a lot from being around him and being around his guys, linebacker.

He's kind of a different guy to play for sometimes.
He's a coach, so that's his job, and I"m a player. I've learned a lot. I've learned a lot in one day from him. I know there is plenty more to come. I'm just trying to learn everything and I feel like he'll do a good job helping me with that.

When did they first approach you about the move?
It was one day after our coach's run. Coach O.B. wanted to talk with me and I met him in the office. We talked about the situation, and we went from there.

Did it surprise you?
It didn't surprise me at all. I'm kind of a big guy. I feel like I can get a little bigger, but I knew it was coming.

How do you feel you fit in that spot?
I feel pretty good about it, as far as my athleticism. I've got a little size on me, but I feel pretty good.

Have you talked about it with Audie Cole, who played at that position after coming in as a quarterback?
I heard about that. Audie is doing a good job of helping me out too... he's coaching me too besides coach Tenuta. He's doing a good job, and I appreciate him for that.

How much experience did you have playing linebacker in high school?
In high school I played multiple positions because they felt like they could move me around to anywhere. That's how I feel still. It's pretty good with me.

What are the biggest differences between safety and linebacker?
I feel like once I get the grasp of linebacker it will be a lot easier than safety. I played safety, so I know what I wanted the linebackers to do when I was a safety. I'll be sure to fill that job up so I can help the safeties behind me.

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