Glennon Looks to Step Up

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Quarterback Mike Glennon met with the media following Tuesday morning's practice to discuss spring practice and the development of NC State's offense.

There have obviously been some changes to the offense with you taking over at quarterback and losing three senior receivers, how different do things look right now?
As far as the receivers, we have three seniors, so they have been around the block, they've been here, they've learned from those guys who have graduated and I've learned from Russell [Wilson] so I don't think we're lacking. We're not that inexperienced as far as who's been around, it's been who has gotten playing time.

Did learning from guys like Russell Wilson, Owen Spencer and Jarvis Williams help prepare you and the other upperclassmen be ready to lead?
Yeah for sure, it comes with the territory of being an upperclassmen, it's your place on the team to be a leader. All three seniors and myself are taking more of a leadership role.

Is being a vocal leader something that comes naturally for you or is that something you've developed during the last couple of years? Are you as vocal as you want to be out there?
Yeah, I think so. It's something I work on. I tend to lead by example more, but I'm trying to be more vocal out here in these first few practices.

You've only had a limited number of practices so far, but what have you seen from the receiving corps that impresses you at this point?
Out of the seniors, they look the most experienced out here. You can definitely tell that they are seniors compared to the other guys, they've all been working hard in the offseason. You can tell they've been around.

The younger guys are showing a ton of potential but they need to learn what we're trying to do and once they know what we're doing they are going to be good players.

One group that has generated a lot of excitement is the tight ends. How deep is that group based on what you've seen?
Very deep, from top to bottom the four guys we have could all play and there wouldn't be too much of a drop for any of them. That's definitely one of our strengths on this team. Having an All-ACC tight end in George [Bryan] coming back helps for sure and then there are three very talented guys right behind him.

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