RALEIGH, N.C. -- Here are audio interviews with Nate Irving, Owen Spencer, and Jarvis Williams following Pro Day.

Nate Irving

"It was great to be out here, back around my guys, and the football team. I really didn't do too much but the interviews at the combine, so it was about coming out here and doing football stuff."

"It was my personal decision [to not work out at the combine]. I wasn't comfortable with where I was at so I said I'd wait until my pro day. I had to do everything today because of the decision I made in Indy, so I had to come out here and do the best that I could."

"I'm fluid. My hips are pretty good, I can get low and change direction. I tried to do the best that I could with that and I hope they notice it."

"It's actually up from where I played at. I played at 235, 230 last year. It's all good weight, muscle."

"Football is fun. I don't think you can go out there and play uptight so you can't practice up tight. You have to go out there and have fun."

Owen Spencer

"I'm happy about the whole day. I'm just glad the process is over, and I've got to keep working hard... stay positive. All the hard work has paid off. I've been training for three months straight."

"It's a very interesting process. It's been a long time coming, I've been dreaming of this opportunity... I'm very grateful to be in this position right now."

"Everything is looking positive, that's the way I have to keep it. I only want to think about the positive things right now."

"It was different, a little challenging, but it's like that in the combine."

"He has a strong arm, you can't dock him for that. It's the way he throws."

"I'm happy about the whole day. I'm glad the process is over."

"Relief that all the hard work has paid off."

"I think we did well. We're on the rise from previous seasons. I believe that us as a senior class left the school in good hands."

Jarvis Williams

"Mainly everybody is looking at my speed, mobility and agility. I did good at my routes. I made sure I stayed on my toes with no slips. I wanted to show good agility, good hips for a big receiver.

"I feel good about how I worked out. I was wanting to come out here and show the scouts what they wanted to see."

"I learned a lot and trained hard with a bunch of NFL players."

"I'm going back after this too to train some more."

"Everyday I worked out with Javon Walker, he's still playing in the league, going against guys like Tony Carter, Ike Taylor.. Myron Rolle.. a lot of top prospects in the upcoming draft."

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