Early NC Top 10: No. 1 OL D.J. Humphries

Pack Pride breaks down ten players that could challenge as one of the state's best for the class of 2012.

The official rankings for the North Carolina class of 2012 won't be released for a couple of months but it's never too early to take a look at some of the best players in the state. Over the next two weeks, Pack Pride will break down 10 players that will challenge for a spot among the state's top players. Today we profile our early contender as the state's top prospect, OL D.J. Humphries.

OLD.J. Humphries...6-6, 265 pounds...Mallard Creek High School, Charlotte, NC

The Skinny....Size, speed, tenacity, upside- Mallard Creek's D.J. Humphries seemingly possesses every attribute you're looking for in a future big time college offensive tackle.

The first thing that jumps out when watching Humphries is his overall athleticism. This is a player that has the agility and foot speed of a player 70 pounds lighter. It's amazing that he can move the way he does at 265 pounds. On film, he runs around the field like a linebacker.

From the snap, Humphries gets a tremendous punch and then does a great job of engaging defenders and driving them out of the play. He is often able to shed the initial man and get to the next level which will be important in college.

In pass protection he again shows off his quick feet, ability to reestablish position and maintain his balance. In fact, as a junior he didn't give up a single sack en route to all-state honors.
When considering his overall athleticism, run block ability and pass protection skills, Humphries is one of the most complete offensive linemen to come out of North Carolina in years and he's accumulated the scholarship offers to prove it.

Scholarship offers...NC State, UNC, Duke, East Carolina, Wake Forest, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Auburn, Alabama, Texas, Florida, Florida State, Clemson, Michigan, South Carolina, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Tennessee, Maryland, LSU

Where does the Pack stand?...Unfortunately for NC State, the Wolfpack doesn't appear to have a dog in this fight. Although they've recruited him for quite a while, they've never been able to gain traction and haven't been able to get him on campus. Unless that changes, don't look for State to be a factor in his recruiting.        

Early thoughts...Based on the first few months of the recruiting year, it appears likely that Humphries will take his talents out of state in 2012.

For now, Florida holds the lead with South Carolina in second and Tennessee rounding out his top three.

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