Ohio 'Backer Planning to Visit NC State

Cincinnati (OH) Colerain linebacker Joe Bolden had planned to visit NC State this past weekend but had to reschedule. Pack Pride has the latest on his future plans.

One of the top prospects in Ohio was planning on visiting NC State over the weekend but he had to postpone his plans.

NC State has been recruiting Cincinnati (OH) Colerain linebackerJoe Bolden for a while now. They've got some company, as schools from all over the country have offered. In all Bolden has almost 20 scholarship offers to choose from, so the process may get more confusing before it starts to make more sense.

Bolden has been visiting as many schools as possible lately, just trying to form a good picture of exactly what he's looking for in a college. Last Thursday he was at Michigan and later this week he's hoping to visit Cincinnati and Kentucky.

He was planning on taking a trip to NC State over the weekend but those plans fell through.

"I was unable to go to NC State because of a baseball game that got rescheduled for the weekend," Bolden said.

That doesn't mean the Pack is out of the running. Far from it, in fact. According to Bolden, NC State is still on a list of schools that he wants to visit.

"I'm most definitely going to try to get down there," he said. "I actually talked to coach Horton on Friday I think. That's when I let him know I was going to be able to get down there this weekend. I'm definitely going to be in contact with him in the future. We've been talking back and forth pretty regularly."

How much interest does he have in NC State in spite of never having been to the school.

"It's still kind of early," he admitted. "I haven't been down there. I haven't spoken with many of the coaches other than coach Horton but it's definitely a school I'd like to learn more about."

If the Pack hopes to have a serious shot at landing the Ohio prospect they will probably need to convince him to reschedule that trip sooner rather than later. Bolden still has an open mind but there's no telling when he'll start to narrow down his options.

Every school that Bolden has been offered by is recruiting him as a linebacker. Some like him in the middle while others prefer him on the outside. That probably won't be a huge factor in his decision.

Jarrett Grace is a senior at Colerain and one of Bolden's teammates. He signed with Notre Dame in February and has given Bolden some advice on the recruiting process.

"He told me making an early decision is a great thing to do if you're comfortable with it," Bolden said. "I'm not going to be one of those guys that commits then decommits because of second thoughts. When I commit I commit. He told me that making my decision before my senior season will take a lot of stress off my shoulders.

"He just said if you want to wait make sure you're 100-percent sure you know what you want to do. I couldn't tell you right now. I don't have a time line for my decision. I've got a couple of top schools but I'm not going to tell anybody who those are because I don't want other schools to interpret that to mean I'm not interested."

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