O'Brien talks first scrimmage

Tom O'Brien spoke to the media following the Pack's first scrimmage of the spring. The Kay Yow Spring Game will be held on April 16th.

Tom O'Brien

"It was about an 80-85 play scrimmage – try to get everybody a little over 40 plays, two teams worth. A very competitive scrimmage; I think the thing that's obvious is that the guys who have played are at a different level right now than a lot of the young kids who haven't been in games."

"As any first scrimmage there are a lot of things that show up that will help us – direct us – to where we have to go."

"It's not practice, it's a scrimmage situation. The coaches aren't there. You've got to go out and get lined up and do what you are supposed to do."

"It still comes down to the guys that have been around. They see things, they are playing fast. The experience helps them, especially the first time out of the box like this whereas the young guys who haven't been in this situation are struggling a little bit – they are thinking and in some cases they are stinking."

"There wasn't a lot of consistency – you can't expect that at this point. It's still for us about the fundamentals of trying to be better individually. We are going to learn from this and get better this week."

"Manning is comfortable because he's playing his spot; he's playing a little better. Audie Cole and DJ, they have some things to work out. It's the first time for them in those situations. Not having looked at the tape and studied it, I think they'll be a lot better next week once they go through the tape and understand what's going on in terms of how they relate to what the offense is doing and getting into the position they have to get to."

"Overgaard is playing and he started a couple of games until he got hurt last year. So he's got some experience since he's been around."

"You have to test them and move on because every week is a different challenge."

"I think [McKay Frandsen] is solid. He hopefully will give us what Akinniyi gave us last year – or be probably more like Mageo was for us as a JC guy. His first year he was kind of there but really played a lot better his second time around."

"Right now we are looking at him as a 20-25 play a game guy. See if he can work his way into getting more plays – it will be up to him."

"I don't think any [wide receiver] has [stepped up] right now. That's something that we have to get done – tough day out there, windy day out there catching the ball. Same thing, for a lot of those guys it's their first time in action."

"They are going against some guys now that have played in the secondary and that's a good challenge for them. It's all about competing. As they get better our secondary gets better and our secondary is gonna make them better."

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