PC: Gottfried introduced as coach

Athletic Director Debbie Yow and Chancellor Randolph Woodson introduced Mark Gottfried as the new men's basketball coach during a press conference on Tuesday afternoon.

Press Conference Audio
Chancellor Woodson

"Today is a very special day for the Wolfpack family. We've hired an experienced Division I coach to lead our men's basketball program. Coach Gottfried has been to the NCAA Tournament 17 times both as a player and as a coach."

"I want to thank athletic director Debbie Yow and the search committee for their hard work that's resulted in this terrific hire."

Debbie Yow

"Learning of Mark's interest of leaving national broadcasting to return to coaching was great news. I've known Mark since he was 18 and I followed his career with great interest. Nothing he's achieved though has really surprised me."

"He shares our vision of returning State to national prominence. In a word, he's fearless."

"He develops talent, he values graduation, he respects the personhood of the players and he motivates people to achieve. He has a fiery attitude and a can-do spirit and that's exactly what State needs at this time in our program."

"I sent the letter yesterday because I wasn't sure what the future held for us. Fortunately he made a choice today to sign and to officially become our head coach. I don't have a crystal ball and I had no way of knowing yesterday that would happen today."

"I don't have a reputation across all of men's basketball of being difficult to work with I have a reputation of not getting along with Gary Williams who has tried to sabotage the search. C'mon, we all know that."

"It's not a reputation, its Gary Williams out there doing his thing."

"The hardest part for me right now is sitting here because I'm ready to get to work. He already talked to me about some ideas for staffing that blew me out of the water."

"In every case, we had a number of telephone conversations and we had four in person meetings [with candidates]. There is not a single one that didn't occur without discussions about money – that's actually how you get people to the table."

Mark Gottfried

"I am extremely excited to be here today."

"I know where you want to go, I know where you want to be – it's to play for a national championship and be involved in the NCAA Tournament. That's my passion."

"Nobody is more important to me than these guys – the team. This is why you coach."

"What I miss is you guys – that's what I miss. Every day, working with players not only to help them become better basketball players but help them become better people."

"When you are away from it you understand clearly what the greatest joys of coaching are."

"That's going to be my first priority outside of these guys right here [the players]. It's to build a great staff."

"Yeah we do like to run, we like to play up-tempo. I'm not a guy who likes to play in the 40s and 50s. We like to push the ball and create opportunities."

"I'm here today because I want to play for a championship."

"Is that easy to do – no. It's hard, really hard to do. But that's the goal that I want to have."

"My pledge to all the people that follow this great institution is that you're going to get an unbelievable effort from us. From my staff, these players – doing whatever we can within the rules to become the very best possible program we can become ever day."

"I watched coach's build practices different ways, shoot arounds, game preparation, scouting reports, film breakdowns. I've got a notebook of about 100 pages where I just keep taking notes. Some of those things you'll apply, some of them you won't."

"I'm not backing down from anybody here. Period."

"Whatever those challenges or obstacles are you have to overcome them, you have to beat them."

"There are so many resources here to build a great program."

"Any time there is a transition it's a process. These players I need to get to know and they need to get to know me, we need to build that relationship and build it together."

"You could say that's somewhat of a rebuilding but I think it's a process. We all like to snap our fingers and wave magic dust over everything and we'll just win 30 games next year. That's probably not the reality of life."

"[Yow] has a passion to win and if you are a coach that's what you want. That's exciting to me."

"We have a responsibility to give them a good product, something they can love. I hope people do have expectations. I don't think you can ever hide from expectations or fun from expectations. The alternative is to be at a place where there's no expectations and that's not any fun."

"As a head coach everything rests at your feet."

"There was a lot of things I would look back and say I would do different [at Alabama]."

"I say this with all the respect towards the University of Alabama – football is phenomenal there. I love football; I'm a college football fan. I love it. But it's exciting for me to be a part of [an area] where basketball is treated with passion by the fans at the level it is in this area."

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