Glen Davis at the adidas Texas Classic. His MVP effort lifted Sports Academy past the Squires in the championship."> Glen Davis at the adidas Texas Classic. His MVP effort lifted Sports Academy past the Squires in the championship.">

Texas Classic Day 3

<STRONG>PEARLAND, Tex. –</STRONG> It was a big day for <EM>"Big Baby"</EM> Glen Davis at the adidas Texas Classic. His MVP effort lifted Sports Academy past the Squires in the championship.

Sports Academy (La.) def. Richmond (Va.) Squires For Title

2004 Checklist

Glen Davis, C, Sports Academy: They say he's got a future in pro football, but after this weekend his basketball future doesn't look bad either. Davis has skyrocketed up the charts and he dominated in the paint at this event. At over 300 pounds, he overpowered everyone. Against the Juice when Telfair missed, "Big Baby" was there to clean it up. In the title game against the Squires all he did was score 26 points on 10-11 from the field and 6-6 from the line. He's reached the elite level as a basketball player.

Joe Posey, SG, Squires: The guy made 7 3-pointers in a losing effort in the championship game. His stroke was on pretty much the entire event but 7 in the money game are pretty impressive.

Bombale Osby, PF, Squires: Call him whatever you want, a mini-Al Anagonye or a mini-Ousmane Cisse. The guy is 6-5 and an animal. He plays so hard and is a great athlete. He'll excel at the highest mid-major level possible or maybe even higher.

Marcus Monk, SF, Arkansas Hawks: In an era when guys try to do too much or do things they can't do, Monk plays within himself. He hustles, rebounds, passes and makes plays. He's not a shooter but it doesn't matter. He's a super team player.

Bryce Taylor, SG, Pump ‘n Run: When you're good at something, do it. Taylor can stroke it from downtown and that's what he does. He went 4-for-5 from downtown and didn't use the net. You better make him put it on the floor or he's going to rain down 3s.

Albert Webber, SG, Squires: Major college programs are now officially on the bandwagon. Webber did it all this weekend; off the bounce, from deep and getting to the rim. He was loose, having fun and making plays and it fueled the Squires to the title game.

Sebastian Telfair, PG, Juice All-Stars: The Juice demolished guys until they ran into Sports Academy. With an injured hand, Telfair really struggled form the field posting 8 points on 3-for-17 from the field (1-8 3s, 1-6 FTs). Prior to that, he really had it going and Juice was rolling.

2005 Checklist

Brian Harvey, SG, Pump ‘n Run: What a super body for a sophomore! This guy should be a big timer. He shot it well and plays hard. He's powerful and energetic.

Tasmin Mitchell, PF-SF, Sports Academy: The guy does a lot of different things. He can post, step up, pass and use his strong frame.

Off The Dribble

The Richmond Squires advanced to the championship game on the strength of their wings. They play an undersized post and then spread it out on the perimeter. … Pump ‘n Run's Lorenzo Matta is one of the sleepers of the event. This was his first AAU event and he scored, rebounded and played to his 6-8 frame. …

DC Assault's Deron Washington is going to be a good player. He reminds us of Cortez Davis. … The reason for Albert Webber's rise this weekend is that he's starting to put the ball on the basket and make shots. At Mount Zion this season, he was more of a shooter. Now, he's getting to the rim and shooting lights out. … Glen Dandridge's confidence appeared to be on the rise after a good showing against Cleveland. However, it was Posey who stole the show in the title game.

News & Notes

Glen Davis is one of the elite football players in the country but there are still who believe his first love is basketball. His college list reads: LSU, Louisville, Mississippi State, UConn, Indiana, Miami and Florida State. … Speaking of basketball players, Tallahassee Wildcat's swingman Cornelius Ingram is thought to be a Florida State lean right now. …

The "Early Bird" award for first coach in the gym on Easter Sunday goes to Texas assistant Rodney Terry who was an early riser. … Wildcats shooter Jared Gaither of DC's Assault. ..

Bryce Taylor likes Southern Cal, Indiana, California, Florida, Oregon, Washington, UConn and Kansas. He's visiting Florida May 16 with Jordan Farmar. He'll visit California in May and stop by Oregon May 30. …

Charlotte head coach Bobby Lutz was in the gym watching Albert Webber, the 49ers top perimeter prospect. … Sports Academy coach Collis Temple to the Juice coaching staff: "You better get a saddle ‘cause we gonna ride him!" He was speaking, of course, of "Big Baby." …

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