Gottfried Hiring: Player Reactions

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several NC State basketball players met with the media to discuss the hiring of Mark Gottfried.

C.J. Leslie

"To be honest, I didn't know until about 20 minutes before 5:00... I'm completely surprised about it. I didn't know about it."

"I talked with the coach while I was on the way here for about two minutes."

"I just want to sit down and meet with the coach, get to know what he's about. That's basically what I'm going to do."

"I was waiting for this moment. I was waiting to see who we were going to bring in. I just really got to meet with him, sit down and talk with him."

Scott Wood

"Every person on this team would be lying to you if they said they didn't have great love for coach Lowe."

"You trust the coaches that bring you in... you really commit to the coaches. It's definitely difficult, but Debbie Yow thinks that is what's best for the organization and we're going to move forward."

"First impressions are good so far. We've got to sit down and talk and establish some things and go from there."

Ryan Harrow

"I'm going to weigh my options and see what's best for me in the long run."

"I came here to play for coach Lowe, but I came to play for the school too. I think the school is a good school, but I just have to get to know the coach and see who else he is bringing in and what he has in store for me."

"We'll just have to talk with each other over the next couple of days and spend some time together."

Lorenzo Brown

"I was hearing things but I wasn't sure. I heard about it a couple of days ago that he might be our coach."

"He recruited me when he was at Alabama. I'm pretty excited to have him."

"I'm very excited. I know coach Lowe was here for good causes. I still love coach Lowe, he's like a best friend to me, but it's not my decision to keep him around."

"They are excited themselves... I'm pretty sure they are going to stay. I know they are going to stay."

Richard Howell

"I kept in contact with him in high school... I'm glad he's here. I look forward to playing for him."

"He's a very good recruiter."

"I'm real happy he's here. I just can't wait for our season to start."

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