O'Brien talks second scrimmage

Tom O'Brien spoke to the media following the Pack's second scrimmage of the spring. The Kay Yow Spring Game will be held on April 16th.

Tom O'Brien
"I think we made strides from the first. The execution was much better, you could just sense that guys were a little more confident in what they were doing, more physical than the first scrimmage which comes about when they know where they are going and what they are doing. We have a long way to go but we were certainly better than last week."

"That's when you see the big strides because that's when they aren't thinking. Then they are reacting and playing fast and that's the whole goal, to play fast."

"The [quarterbacks] did fine. We weren't out there in the 60 mph wind with the ball blowing all over and we did a better job catching the ball. Not as many drops as a week ago so that was a good sign today."

"Audi [Cole] is similar to what we talked about, more comfortable. He's seeing things a little bit better so he's playing faster and that's good. He's played in the perimeter all the time and you see things coming at you. When you play in the box like that, things come at you faster and from a lot of different angles. You have to react faster and understand where they are coming from."

"[Audi Cole's] size and power is definitely a plus. He matches up pretty good with those 290, 300 pound linemen."

The [defensive secondary] is good, those guys are competing and we have depth. You have guys that are fighting to get on the football field. We'll take a look at this tape and see if we need to change things around. We've been changing every day."

"[Duran Christophe] is going to be a good player for us. He had a really good bowl game for us and that gives him a lot of confidence. It's a question of the fine-tuning and the fundamentals, getting his footwork down, getting his hand placement down, playing with leverage and all those things that it takes to be a good offensive lineman."

"I don't have anything to do with Russell [Wilson]. He's on the Colorado Rockies roster, they control everything. We've moved on without Russell and the contingency plan if he comes back, he'll be the backup."

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