Rumph: I can't wait to join the Wolfpack!

LeRue Rumph is busy finishing strong academically at Central Catholic in Clearwater Florida. However he is looking forward to making the trip to Raleigh, NC to begin his college career at NC State. Statefans caught up with LeRue to talk about his future plans as a Wolfpacker.

During the spring work-outs, the NC State staff moved Devonte Edwards to CB to help increase depth in the secondary. The arrival of Rumph will bring size, speed and a reputation as a "light ‘em up" defender for NC State, which is sure to please the Wolfpack staff.


LeRue is looking forward to his Raleigh arrival as well, however he has a more immediate date in mind for now, May 12th, 2003. That is the day at Central Catholic releases the seniors from school and Rumph can look to begin his college days at NC State. "The seniors will be out as of May 12th. I am working hard on finishing strong academically. I have my scores already on the SAT, but I am planning on taking it again on May 2nd. My mom said there would be a price to pay if I did not get my score above 1000, so I need to do that!"


LeRue has already begun his new NC State football career with the spring work-out program that the coaching staff provided to the Class of 2003 recruits. "I am down from 220 to 215. I am eating better and have started the spring work-out program that the coaches sent me. I am trying to stay on the program so I will be ready when I get to the NC State campus."


Rumph has plans to arrive on campus in early July. "I will be rooming with Jamesley Jean and he is talking about getting there early. We plan on getting to Raleigh right after the 4th of July. We want to get there early to get ahead of the program."


The plans right now are for LeRue to play safety for the Pack. "The coaches have me penciled in as a safety, either strong or free. If I continue to gain weight they might slide me down to OLB."


Rumph continues to work on healing from the broken leg he suffered last year.  "I am still in rehab. I am still waiting for the bone to fully mend together. The doctor told me that in early May he will probably give me the 'OK' to do cuts and stuff. That will help me a lot in getting ready."


While Rumph continues to prepares academically and athletically for the challenge, we asked LeRue what his emotions were as the time draws near for him to be at NC State. "I can't wait to join the Wolfpack! We have a chance to do some great things up there this year. We have got something ready for Ohio State. It is going to be whole lotta fun!"

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