O'Brien: 'It's A Little Different Defense'

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien met with the media following the 2011 Kay Yow Spring Game.

Tom O'Brien

"The [weather] was a question all day today and yesterday and it kind of played out perfect. I want to thank the fans for showing up, it was a great effort on their part to be here and certainly we got a competitive game out there."

"The defense made some plays, which is good, it shows their experience. They've grown up a little bit. I think we still have some things to work out on offense but we can solve those problems. It looks like we have a chance to be a very competitive team again next year."

"[Mike Glennon] threw the ball well. There were a couple drops, he had a bounce off interception and a bounce off interception, but those things happen, guys make plays. Michael is going to be fine."

"We have to grow as a team. Certainly we have some guys in new positions that we have to look at. The question, offensively, is the guys on the perimeter catching the football. We had a few too many drops today for my liking. That will come along with time, but we can be competitive."

"There is some experience up there, and that's good. That's what happens when you get guys that have been in the program four years. They understand what they are supposed to do and they are playing with a little bit of confidence. That's a good thing for us. Especially if you can bring just four and get pressure on the quarterback."

"It's good that somebody is making plays."

"The play Terrell made was a great play, but once again he couldn't make that play a year ago. He can make that play now because there's a lot more confidence."

"Audie looks much more comfortable in day 15 inside, which is good."

"D.J. [Green] is just going to continue to learn. He's going to make some mistakes out there, but he's got some athletic ability that may be able to cover up for those mistakes."

"It really doesn't matter what people take from the spring game. It's important what we as a coaching staff and as a team take from this game and learn from the mistakes we made. If the fans are happy that's good, if they're not, they'll have to come back and cheer for us when we play Liberty."

"There is enough talent there. It's a question of guys looking the ball in. They are trying to make plays too fast. First thing is catching the ball, and then you worry about running with it. That's experience too."

"The best thing coming in that we have competition in the [defensive backfield]. Those guys are fighting. As we talked this week, Michael Glennon wasn't going to throw for 400 yards this spring against that defense. It's a little different defense and that's because there are guys playing with experience and guys competing for a job. That makes it better."

"I think it will be fine. We saw that when both of them came to camp together. That was the first time T.J. realized that he couldn't outrun his arm."

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