Stevens: "You Develop A Trust In Him"

Team Takeover head coach Keith Stevens raves about NC State assistant coach Rob Moxley, a man he considers to be a very good friend and a terrific assistant coach.

Team Takeover head coach Keith Stevens raves about NC State assistant coach Rob Moxley, a man he considers to be a very good friend and a terrific assistant coach.

"To me, I look at coach Moxley like he's family," said Stevens. "He is a guy that I trust with my kids because he has recruited my guys and taught them how they need to play on the court and what they've got to do off the court.

"I think it was a great hire for NC State. He's going to be a major asset for them on the recruiting scene because he has terrific connections in the Northern Virginia/ D.C. area. He knows what it takes to land top talent and in my opinion he's a great recruiter."

Why does Stevens believe Moxley is such a strong recruiter?

"I believe it is his personality," Stevens said. "He can adapt to different families and different environments. He has the ability to appeal to blue-collar families and white-collar families, and he builds those relationships with parents and coaches that you need to build. You develop a trust in him and that trust is important."

Rodney White And Chris Braswell

Stevens has known Moxley for several years, dating back to the late 1990's when Moxley, then an assistant at Charlotte, beat out Pittsburgh and Seton Hall for the services of Rodney White, one of the top players Stevens has coached. White inked with Charlotte in 1999 but failed to qualify academically. A year later he was the top freshman scorer in the country, and left Charlotte after one season for the NBA, where he was selected in the top 10.

Other players Moxley recruited, and landed, who played for Stevens were highly-regarded recruits such as power forward Chris Braswell, who just completed his sophomore season at Charlotte, and guard Jeff Jones, who committed to Moxley while he was an assistant at Maryland but backed out of his commitment when Moxley returned to Charlotte.

"Definitely guys like that are proof as to what kind of a recruiter he is," said Stevens. "Those guys have come up and helped start our tradition... they were four and five-star players.

"Guys like Chris Braswell and Rodney White, they could play anywhere. Coach Moxley is going to go in and make the family feel comfortable. He's going to make sure the kids are successful by pushing them and maximizing their talents. They will put the work in if they play for him."

Now Stevens has arguably the hottest AAU team in the country in Team Takeover. The team is coming off a title win at the 2011 Pittsburgh Jam Fest and are led by a trio of standouts who are building their reputations each weekend.

Jerami Grant

The biggest name for Takeover right now is Jerami Grant, a 6-foot-6 wing out of Hyattsville (MD) DeMatha Catholic. The son of former NBA star Harvey Grant and the younger brother of recent Clemson standout Jerai Grant, Jerami was arguably the top performer at the Pittsburgh Jam Fest.

"Jerami is rounding out his game and is coming on for us," said Stevens. "He's a very young kid, he's just about to turn 17 so unlike most of the other guys he's young for his class.

"He is coming into his body, and obviously he has the pedigree. Now he is starting to realize all the potential that he has."

Stevens indicated that Grant could be visiting NC State in the near future.

"We're going to get him down there real soon," he said.

Grant isn't the only big-time wing for Team Takeover... Arnaud Moto is the team's enforcer.

"He's 6-foot-6, 6-foot-7 and very strong," Stevens said. "He's physical, tough as nails, and can do anything you ask him to do. He makes shots, locks down the other team's best player... he does all the blue-collar stuff that you need done."

Finally, the anchor inside for Team Takeover is 15-year old rising sophomore Beejay Anya, a teammate of Grant's at Dematha.

"He's a horse," Stevens said of Anya. "He's a very good player, and he's just 15 at 6-foot-8 and 270 pounds. He's a terrific shotblocker and a really good defensive rebounder. He has been big-time for us."

College coaches have been in the area evaluating all three recruits as the evaluation period is underway. The Wolfpack coaches were coming in to the trio on Tuesday and Wednesday.

"Well, I know that they are coming in to see them today and tomorrow," said Stevens Tuesday afternoon. "Let's just say I'm pretty sure they'll be offering them scholarships."

Arnaud Moto And Beejay Anya

Stevens speaks highly of NC State, and he believes that it is an ACC program that should appeal to all recruits in the D.C. area, a region stocked annually with high-major basketball talent.

"NC State has always had success in our area," he said. "You're talking about from guys like Tony Bethel and Levi Watkins, all the way back to Dereck Whittenburg and Sidney Lowe.

"It is a good program in the ACC and is a four-hour drive and less that a 50-minute plane ride from D.C. so that appeals to most parents around here. It is a very good feeling to know that you're close to your kids and can get there in virtually no time."

He admits that NC State already has one top recruit coming in 2012 verbal Tyler Lewis. Team Takeover defeated Team Loaded in the finals of the Pittsburgh Jam Fest, and Lewis runs the show for Team Loaded. The 5-foot-11, four-star prospect had 33 points and five assists in the game.

"He is very talented," said Stevens. "I think he is underrated, to be honest. A lot of people are so caught up in his size, but he excels each time out. He makes shots and makes plays, and he makes other players better.

"I played the point position, and I feel like I know what traits you need to have to excel there, and I believe he has it. He's a really good point guard. I know that if I was a wing I would want to be playing with him."

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