Leslie Looks To Future

RALEIGH, NC -- C.J. Leslie met with the media Wednesday to discuss his decision to return for his sophomore season with the Wolfpack. He talked about his relationship with new head coach Mark Gottfried and how he hopes to contribute in 2011-2012.

C.J. Leslie Audio Interview

"I decided to come back for another year. Basically, I stuck around to see what kind of coach we were going to get and the coach that we got obviously made a lot of impact in my decision. I think he's a very good coach and we sat down a couple times. I like the way he's talked. He told me about his offense and how he's going to run the system this year and everything sounds good."

"He definitely wants me to shoot the three if I can shoot it. That's one thing he wants me to improve on, but he's going to play me wherever I'm capable of playing."

"It was more just telling me how he was going to play me. He's coached a lot of pros in the past but it was really one on one about me and not about who he's coached or what he's done in the past."

"We really didn't know much. We found out right about the time you all found out. We were shocked and we never knew who was going to be the coach or had more information than you all did."

"Each conversation got better, I had a better understanding. We got to know each other just a little bit more each time we talked. At the end of the conversation and now, I feel very comfortable with him."

"Playing this game as long as I have, you know what is a good shot and what is a bad shot. If you are open, take it. If you can make it, take it."

"We never talked about the NBA Draft. We talked about what he can do for me if I came back another year. We never had the conversation about the NBA or whether he thought I was ready or whether he thought I should go or not. It was more like 'if you stay, this is what I can do for you' and the other side of it was just talking to my family and making my decision."

"I never really got to the NBA thing. I was just curious about who we were going to get, what style he was going to coach. I didn't really know too much about him."

"Last year wasn't a bad season, but it could have been a lot better. We had ups and downs, it wasn't very consistent."

"I would say I have to step up and become a better leader. We kind of have a young team too so it would be in my best interest to step up and be a leader."

"Ryan [Harrow] is still one of my best boys and I support him in whatever he does. I really didn't talk to him much, his decision was his decision. He decided to leave, I support him on that. I'm not happy with it at all, but I support him. He felt like that was best for his career and who am I to tell him it's not."

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