O'Brien: Irving Has Great Upside

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head football coach Tom O'Brien talks with the media at last night's Wolfpack Club Caravan.

"I think what's great is that the young kids get to come and our players can show up and kind of babysit during it. It's an event for everybody."

"I'm certain Nate is going to expect to hear his name called. It's an exciting moment for him and his family. I know he is home and they are going to enjoy it together. Some times it can get a little long, but I think he's going to hear his name sooner rather than later."

"I think he has a great upside. As I told the coaches, he doesn't have as many hits on his body. Once he's healed, he broke a bone, the bone healed, that's good. They are getting a pretty fresh guy who can probably be in the league 5-10 years."

"I think a lot of rookies start off on special teams... he's got to get into a place where he's going to get an opportunity and he has to prove himself all over again once he gets there."

"We've talked. It is what it is."

"I just caught that in passing. I know it's a national award and probably special to him because Arthur Ashe was a Richmond native also. It's a great honor for him. I think, the last I heard, they were canceled again tonight because of tornado damage in Georgia."

"It's not surprising that Teddy Larsen would come to someone's aid who is in trouble. I think it speaks to the character of the kids in our program."

"It doesn't take much to raise expectations around here so that's a good thing."

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