Amato Quotes from Spring Caravan

Last night, Williamston hosted the Wolfpack Club's Spring Caravan. Guest speakers were Head Football Coach Chuck Amato and Assistant Basketball Coach Larry Harris. StateFans took a few notes on some of the one liners and other outstanding quotes from both coaches. Today, we have the Amato quotes. On Friday, we will highlight Coach Harris.

After receiving a standing ovation (Coach Harris spoke first and did not receive one):

  • That's the difference between being a Head Coach and an Assistant Coach!

Referring to Coach Harris's desire to eat more good Shrimp (that was the main entrée for the evening) when NC State wins a National Championship:

  •  When you cut down the nets, you eat Shrimp's bigger brother, Lobster!

 On Pittsburgh's basketball coaching search:

  • Pittsburgh was hot and heavy after Herb.

On making NC State a National Champion caliber program:

  • We are not close yet in football.
  • They (players) talk about winning a National Championship everyday.
  • We are going to win a National Championship.
  • Our kids tell prospects, "you better come here cause we are going to win a National Championship".

About NC State's athletic program:

  • It's a great time to be at NC State.
  • We are proud to be Wolfpack coaches.

About Attitude:

  • We can do anything we want if we have the right attitude.
  • It comes down to recruiting and attitude
  • Success breeds success.
  • It is amazing what people are saying about our program.

Just how important line play is:

  • To win, you must have quality depth, especially up front.
  • We will not be great until we play good defense.
  • We won (last year) because the offensive line protected Philip Rivers and opened holes for TA.
  • What scares me the most about this year is our young line.

On being a fraud:

  • After the Clemson game, no one called us frauds again.

Talking about firsts:

  • First team to win 9 staright games.
  • First team to win 10 games in the regular season
  • First time NC State played Notre Dame.
  • First time any ACC team has beat Florida State two times in a row.

On Notre Dame:

  • We won because they could not score an Offensive TD. You have to play good defense to be great.
  • We were the other team in Jacksonville.

On the bumps in the road last season:

  • It was the little things that caused us to lose those three games. Penalties and kicking game.
  • I told our coaches to watch those games, listen to the commentators and get the flow of the game. I want those losses to be remembered. We watched the Georgia Tech game before spring practice. We watched the Maryland game after. We will watch the Virginia game when they get back from recruiting.
  • We were 15 points from being undefeated.

About Next year's team:

  • We are skilled at Linebacker and the kids behind them are really good. But I am not sure about the line. We are young.
  • Kicking game is all back.
  • My concern is the line.
  • We need great senior leadership. Philip Rivers and Jerico Crotchery are great, but I'm not sure where we go after that.
  • We are going to do whatever it takes to win games.

On the two new NC State Coaches:

  • Mike Berry was the first offensive line coach I offered. Talk about big time, he has been in some big Arenas.
  • Noel Mazzone and Mike Berry are tough coaches. The offensive line got yelled at a lot this spring.
  • When you lose someone, you have to replace them with someone better.

On Spring Practice:

  • They had that killer attitude, but it is young.
  • I'll take youth and ambition against age and experience anyday.
  • I love that cokiness in our players.
  • Our second string QB is Jay Davis, no doubt. He has gotten his confidence back and it is close to his time.

On Special Teams play:

  • We are looking for "want toos" for special teams. It is called special teams because it takes special people to play it.
  • There will a be a big fight on who will return kicks this year. AJ, Tramiane, Washington, Greg and Lamont Reid will all get looks.

On Recruiting:

  • I can Bull with the best of em!
  • Of course we recruit athletic ability, but we are looking for character and tough kids.

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