A Different Approach For Purvis

Just when things began to settle down in the class of 2012, one of the top backcourt prospects in the country put himself back on the market. So why did Rodney Purvis make the decision to de-commit from Louisville and which schools will he be seriously considering?

So how are things going now that you have de-committed from Louisville?

Rodney Purvis: I'm just at the point where I'm starting to get comfortable with having opened things back up and seeing how things are going to go for me recruiting wise.

Take us through the process of de-committing Rodney. What led to the decision?

To be honest, I was at the point where I really wanted to develop a relationship with different coaches and I wanted to open things back up. I just really wanted to feel wanted and I want to check schools out who can help me develop as a person and a player.

It's been reported that Tim Fuller leaving Louisville played a big role in the decision to open things up. How much of a factor was that?

It was a factor, that's for sure. I mean, Tim Fuller is like a big brother to me, and once he moved to Missouri, I really felt like I needed to give Coach Pitino and other coaches a chance to recruit me and for me, and my family to develop a relationship with different coaches.

Was it hard seeing Coach Fuller leave Louisville with you having that close a relationship?

I mean, in a way it was, but he has to do what's best for him and his family. I mean, I'm just a young kid and Coach Fuller is a grown man with a family to take care of, so I understood that he needed to make this move.

Where do things go now that you are opening back up in your recruitment?

Really, it feels like I'm just starting from scratch again in a lot of ways. I'm just getting back on speaking terms with a lot of the coaches. My AAU Coaches have been talking with different coaches from programs and I've been doing some talking as well with coaches like Coach Early from NC State, Coach Antigua at Kentucky and Coach Wojo from Duke.

North Carolina State, Kentucky and Duke were the schools that have been added onto your list that you will be considering, can you share what each school does that merits them being added?

First and foremost, all three coaching staffs have a reputation for developing guards. With NC State, they are a new staff at the school, I've done some research on them, and I have a good relationship starting to develop with the staff. With Duke, they are just really known to me. Coach K, his resume speaks for itself, and the program is one of the best ever and their guards always do really well. With Kentucky, Coach Calipari, it's the same kind of thing with the guards, they've had some really good guards in the past.

You mentioned NC State being the new school in the mix. What's the approach like and what have you learned about them so far?

They have done a real good job at making me feel welcome. I had the opportunity to be on campus recently and meet with the coaches including Coach Gottfried and I got to play with guys like Julius Hodge and CJ Leslie and Lorenzo Brown and others. The coaches seem to be real good guys, they told me they want what's best for their players and they told me that in the past, if guys have opportunity to go pro, they don't hold them back.

It seems like they've made quite an impression on you.

Yeah, I would say I'm real comfortable with them already, I'm just going to see how things go with them.

Kentucky was a school that had recruited you a bit before your commitment. What's it like re-establishing the relationship with them?

It's kinda the same thing as with other schools, just kinda starting to get comfortable with them again. I've been talking a little bit with Coach Antigua again. I hadn't really talked all that much with Coach Antigua or Kentucky before, so I'm just re-evaluating them and other schools to see how I would fit in, see what guys are going to be there. I know that they have some guys like Doron Lamb coming back and I'm good friends with Marquis Teague, he sent me a Facebook message earlier today saying how good it would be if I came to Kentucky, we'd make a great backcourt.

Duke was the school on your list that seemed to be in the earliest back before you committed to Louisville, what's it like being recruited by them again?

It's going real well. I've already had a chance to talk with Coach Wojo who had recruited me before I committed, and my AAU Coach has already talked with other members of their coaching staff.

It seemed like Duke was indicating to you that you were "their guy" along with Shabazz Muhammed back before you committed, does that pitch change for you in your mind now that they have Rasheed Sulaimon committed?

Not really, I'm very close with Rasheed and we're good friends, he's recruiting me really hard to Duke and I see how great a player he is, it'd be really good to play with him.

What's Rasheed's approach to you? Seems like he's quite the recruiter these days.

He's just basically telling me how good we could be if I came there and played with him and Quinn Cook and the rest of the guards that they would have. It's funny to me sometimes how hard he recruits me, but at the same time, I think real hard about how good we could be if I went to Duke, I could see us winning championships and potentially realizing an opportunity to go the NBA.

How does it impact things for you with Duke being one of the earlier schools that recruited you, or is it not that big a deal?

Well, I think I definitely had a good relationship with Coach K since he took the time to get to know me before I committed. And his assistants did a good job at following up with me and my family after I had the chance to visit and talk with Coach K and the staff. I would say they have a slight edge because of that prior relationship, and they have a good place in my heart, they recruited me and my family very well before I committed and Duke speaks for itself as a program.

Is it a concern for you if schools will have upperclassmen in the backcourt when you get there? Do you look at it as a negative if teams are stacked at guard?

Well, with Duke, I just think about how we could play together. I mean, I know Rasheed, and I know Quinn Cook real well. And I see how Kyrie Irving committed to Duke over a year ago and he came in and played with Nolan Smith and things worked out real well for him when he got to play. I won't lie, if a team does have a lot of guards, I have to listen to what the coach says about what my role would be and whether or not I could come in and play, but I'm not worried about playing with other guys.

You're friends with a lot of guys who are recruiting you to their schools, is that hard for you being friends with them and trying to evaluate where you want to go?

No, because all my friends know that I have to do what's best for me. It's really great to have guys who are my friends recruiting me to play with them, I'm just extremely blessed and appreciate guys who are true friends and who want to play with me.

So, do you see yourself doing things differently this time around with the recruiting process?

Yeah, I need to go a lot slower this time around, I really need to make sure I develop relationships with the coaching staff and the players, figure out what's the best fit for me.

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