Blackman waiting on scores

NC State needs running backs. The 2003 season saw the Wolfpack battle injuries and attrition in the back field that seemed to keep the depth chart in disarray. Coach Amato and staff brought relief from the Class of 2003 with the signing of Darrell Blackman. StateFans caught up with the Williamsport RB to see how he is progressing toward becoming a Wolfpacker.

The end of the year for high school seniors brings decisions about future education plans. Darrell Blackman has chosen his future school and is working on qualifying for admissions. We asked Darrell to tell us where he stands in the process of attending NC State. "It's coming along. I am waiting on my last board scores. I have taken the SAT four times and the ACT twice. Right now I am short on my scores but my school work is good."

Darrell has made some alternative plans in case he comes up short on his final attempt on the SAT. "I will wait until the last scores come in. If I get the scores, I plan on going down to NC State and work with the team in June. If I am short than I will go to Hargrave Academy for awhile then go down later in the year. I will know after these test scores."

Blackman missed a trip down to see the Spring Red/White game, but his teammate Raymond Brooks made it. "I had to take the SAT but Raymond went. He said it was great."

Blackman continues to work on his game during the off-season. "I am working out, lifting and running. I am also working hard on my grades too."

Darrell was a player in the 3rd Annual U.S. Army-All American Bowl which features the nation's top prospects. According to Blackman, the opportunity to be around the great coaches and players was a good experience. "The game went real well. The coaches were good and I got to meet a lot of great players. I think I had 80 yards on 5 carries." Blackman led the East in rushing as the East dominated the West 47-3.

While the decision to run with the Pack was made well over four months ago, the reasons Darrell chose the Pack is still fresh on his mind. "I chose NC State because of the coaching staff and the visit I had. They treated us like we were already a part of the Pack."

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