'Our Dream is to Win a National Championship'

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head men's basketball coach Mark Gottfried met with the media following a luncheon today at the Backyard Bistro.

Mark Gottfried Interview

"All those areas that I think are very important. I've said this many times, when you get into your job sometimes your on this hamster wheel and you are just running trying to keep the wheel turning and sometimes you can get off track and you don't really realize it because you are just trying to keep that thing moving."

"When you step out of coaching like I did it enabled me to really zero back on what really is important, what really counts, my staff, players, what we're going to run, how we're going to defend and so I'm looking forward to it a lot. I told people for the last two years that it's going to make me a better coach, I've always felt that."

"Like everyone else has written books, I could probably write one. I met [John Wooden] when I was a graduate assistant in 1988 and then over the seven years I was there I spent, he's the most generous man with his time I've ever been around."

"We would sit and talk a lot about basketball but we talked a lot about life and philosophy. Those were my formative years. Building your philosophy of how you want to coach, a lot of it generated from that time."

"You have to have great respect, which I do, for those two programs [North Carolina, Duke]. I think everybody in coaching does, there is no question. But I said this at the press conference, it will have 100 percent no bearing on how we approach our job."

"We are going to approach our job and work as hard as we can no matter what. It's not going to influence us to work harder because we're going to work as hard as we can anyway."

"Our dream is to win a national championship here. I told every recruit at Alabama that was our goal and when I went to Alabama nobody had ever mentioned that before, in basketball. We wanted the kids we recruited to know that if we're going to play, let's play to be number one. That's the same message we'll send to these recruits. Stand on the top box and be number one."

"It was devastating, most of our friends are fine. I did have a niece of mine that lost a good friend, a student at Alabama and so that was a little bit close to home on that one, but for the most part our friends are fine. They are devastated, it's been a sad situation there."

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