Harris Quotes from Spring Caravan

Wolfpack Assistant Basketball Coach Larry Harris spoke to Wolfpack fans in Williamston at the Spring Caravan. StateFans was there taking notes of these memorable quotes and one-liners.

On Ilian Evtimov:

  • When he hurt his knee, we were like, ‘what are we going to do?'… The kids figured it out for us, they just went out the next day and practiced hard and kept on going.

  • He is ahead of schedule (on rehab). He has started shooting again.

    On the loss to Gonzaga:

  • There was a lot of chat room talk about that game. The News & ….. paper in Raleigh declared us dead.

    On FSU and Duke victories:

  • We went down to FSU and Jordan Collins had a heck of a game. Then we come home and beat Duke. Then we beat the doo doo out of UNC. Then low and behold, we are declared alive again1

    On the Maryland loss:

  • Drew Nichols shot a line drive shot that if it would have been off just an inch it would of hit the rim. The paper in Raleigh was on us again. But, you know, the kids kept working hard.

    On the Wake Forest Loss:

  • We lost that game with 1.7 seconds left. Stuff was being hurled on the floor. I wanted to pick some of it up and throw it at the referee myself. It was another tough loss, but the kids practiced as hard as they did all year the next day. The kids also started saying ‘We are going to win the ACC Tournament.

    On the ACC Tournament:

  • We beat Georgia Tech and we beat Wake. Low and behold we were in the ACC Championship. For 35 minutes we played the best game we had played all year. After the game, the kids were as quiet as they had been all year. But we had earned a chance to play for a National Championship.

    On the NCAA Tournament:

  • It was one of those games that when our offense was doing good, our defense was doing bad and when our offense was doing bad, our defense was doing good.
  • We are going to work to get back to the tournament. We have the best group of kids.

    On Herb Sendek:

  • It has everything to do about the man who leads us. There is nobody in the country who wants more than what you want.

    On the state of the program:

  • Its in good shape from top to bottom. At some point we are going to cut those nets down.

    On Josh Powell:

  • He has really come on for us. When he came in, he was a bit immature basketball wise, but he listened and has gotten better. He has picked up 24 pounds and needs about 10 more. He is intelligent young man who is an Academic All-American.

    On recruiting:

  • We are in good shape. We had 14 National televised games this year and it has really helped us.
  • We are looking for a guard, a wing and an 8' tall big man.

    On Roy Williams:

  • I am glad Roy Williams got that job so those people can stop crying.

    Answering a question about the Pack's success at free throw shooting:

  • No, I can't tell you why we are good at free throw shooting. It's a secret!

    On Adam Simons:

  • He is coming on. He has gained 18 pounds and going against Powell and Collins everyday in practice has helped. He is very skilled.

    Will Julius Hodge ever be able to answer the press again?

  • Julius can speak to the press anytime. They are kids. He is a true NC State guy. The best time to interview Julius is after a win. The worse time is after a loss… unless you are the press.

    How good is Mike O'Donnell?

  • We won't know how good he is until we take his ass over to Cameron.

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