Brian Dennison Spring Update

StateFans caught up with Wolfpack signee Brian Dennison to see how his athletics and academics are progressing as graduation approaches.

When the Pack went searching for a 2003 running back, Coach Amato and his staff found themselves in the state of Florida once again. This time they were looking at Brian Dennison of Mandarin High School in Jacksonville, Florida. After a trip up to Raleigh for an official visit in late January, the # 42 player in Florida decided to attend college out of state in North Carolina. He signed with NC State two weeks later.

Brian, like many other athletes across the nation, is currently trying to gain qualification as an eligible Division-One player for the 2003 season. The bad news is he has yet to get the required SAT or ACT scores. The good news is he is ever so close.

"I am still waiting on my test scores," Brian told StateFans. "I took the SAT for the first time a few weeks ago, and they should be back next week. I feel like I did extremely well on it even though it was my first time. I have taken the ACT twice and I am one point short of qualifying on that. The (NC State) coaches told me there was more than one way to to get there and they suggested I take the SAT."

Brian will also be waiting to see he how he does on his core class grades at the end of his school year.

"I will know about them soon too. I'll be getting my grades at the end of the year. Hopefully things will be good."

There is a contingency plan in place for Brian in case he comes up short on that SAT next week. "I have plans in case I cannot get my scores. We have talked about prep school. I will go up to Virginia, to Hargrave for a little while before I go to NC Sate."

While Brian currently has one eye on NC State and another eye on Hargrave, his focus is on getting the scores before looking too far ahead.

"I have talked to Coach Portee about what will happen once I get to State, but right now I am concentrating on getting my scores up. I have talked to Chris Hawkins a few times and that's who I will be rooming with."

Brian continues to work on his athletic abilities with the Mandarin Track Team.

"The way track is, I work hard everyday. I am lifting in the morning and running in the afternoon. I was timed at a 4.35 in the 40 this spring." He also has grown since football. He is now 5'10 ½ and weighs 205 pounds.

The time since signing day and the work spent on testing has not dampened his spirit for the Wolfpack.

"I chose NC State due to the reason they will let you choose your own destiny as a man. They let you go with your gut instead of being told what position to play. My gut tells me to be a running back."

In 2002, Brian had 1,865 yards rushing and scored 21 touchdowns. As a Junior he rushed for over 1,600 yards.

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