NBPA: Rodney Purvis Q&A

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA -- Raleigh (NC) Upper Room five-star standout Rodney Purvis has narrowed his list to three schools. Did NC State make the cut?

Raleigh (NC) Upper Room's Rodney Purvis arrived at the NBA Camp this morning and scored 15 points in his first game. Following the matchup he fielded questions from several reporters, and he stated that he had cut two schools from his list but added another.

Two schools you've been considering are close to home (Duke, NC State). How important is that to you?
"It's important for my family to be able to come see me play but at the end of the day I still have to do what's best for me. So if Missouri is what's best then that is what I'll do."

What is your impression of the new staff at NC State?
"They are great, me and my family are getting a relationship with them and it's just going really good."

What was your trip to Missouri like?
"It went great, it wasn't what I expected. I got up there and had a real nice time. I met the academic people, all the athletic people and the players are really cool."

How well did you know Frank Haith before you went out to Missouri?
"He came to see me at my school when he was at Miami a couple of times but we didn't really have a good relationship. But we're definitely going forward with our relationship now."

You mentioned getting to know NC State's new coaching staff. What is your impression of Mark Gottfried? What is he like?
"He's a great guy, him and the whole staff. They are really good guys and they realize that I'm just trying to build a relationship with all of them and it's going pretty good."

With all the talk about local North Carolina players staying home, how does that affect you?
"It effects me not that much because at the end of the day I have to do what's best for me. If NC State is what's best for me then that is where I'll go."

Do you have a timeline as far as making your decision?
"I really want to see everybody play this year with Coach Gottfried and the new staff and Duke and Missouri with their new staff. I talked to my mom, and I may commit on my birthday, which is in February, February 14. That will give me enough time to see people play."

Will you be able to handle the grind of the speculation if you wait that long?
"I hope so."

What was your first session at NBPA Top 100 like?
"It was great, with my new team. I'm trying to get to know guys and get a win, which is most important to me. It's going pretty well. We'll win our next game."

What are you trying to work on right now skill wise?
"Everything. I'm in the process of working on every single thing. My jumper, talking more on the court and getting my body right, getting in better shape."

Are any of these schools looking at you as a point guard or combo guard?
"All of them. I can play the one and the two so that's what they are looking at me for."

Talk about the NBPA Top 100 Camp. What is it like to come out and compete with guys of this caliber?
"It's great, everybody is here. There is no Nike or Adidas, everybody just comes here to play and compete. You get to see where you are at with your game. Everybody will tell you that you are good until you get out here against the best. Then you can really judge yourself."

How tough is it to know where you are going and then go through the process all over again?
"It's not that hard because I'm really taking it slow this time. I'm really working through my relationships and talking with my family a lot and getting feedback with players and stuff like that."

Is Louisville still on your list? What about Kentucky?
"Louisville is not in the picture anymore. Once they got Kevin Ware my family and I decided that I just take them off my list. [Kentucky] got Ryan Harrow so I felt that it was best for me to take them off my list too."

What is your full list at this point?
"Duke, NC State and Missouri."

Is there any wiggle room for a fourth school between now and when you decide?
"Probably not. I already took three visits and all those schools I can be pretty good at all three. All those schools have great coaches and I can learn and develop and be a good player in college. That's basically what I'm looking for. I'm not trying to do a whole lot more visits."

What has the new staff at NC State done to get your attention that the old staff didn't do?
"They are aggressive, they not only talk about how bad they want you, they really show how bad they want you. That's what means a lot to me. They make me feel very important and that's what I like."

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