NBPA: White Updates Recruitment

Charlottesville (VA) The Miller School wing Andrew White plans on attending NC State's Elite Camp this week and is looking to earn a scholarship offer.

Charlottesville (VA) The Miller School wing Andrew White updates his recruitment with Pack Pride.

You had a very good game to start the playoffs. Talk about your play.
I was able to take it strong to the basket, and I got a few points early in the first half. I tried to score in a variety of ways.

I guess that's what all of these scouts are looking for. Everybody can score but I was satisfied with my defense and gave maximum effort.

You seemed to have adapted well to the camp environment. You've played on one of the strongest teams here but have managed to be extremely efficient and found your role.
I'm just trying to make smart decisions. Every game I've had one bad turnover. I'm trying to eliminate that moving forward.

I know I can't be the star or shoot all the shots so I have to play smart... whether that's taking a pull-up jumper or finishing with layups.

I'm just trying to play my role so i don't look bad. That's my main goal, make open shots and if it's not open, be efficient, smart with how I play.

Your defense has been very good as well. Omar Calhoun had it going early in the first half for his team but you came in and did a nice job of slowing him down.
I like the competitive side of playing defense. He hit a lot of shots early and got his confidence up. I wanted to go in and use my length and try to stay with him. I bumped him off some screens and slowed him up some. He beat me to the rack once so it goes both ways, but I matched up well with someone of that talent.

What events do you have coming up?
The NC State Elite Camp is big possibility, and I'm going to be preparing for that July period. That's a big period with the coaches out. We have some events with my AAU team, and I'm looking at potentially the Elite 80 Showcase.

The main thing is in the next two weeks I want to make progress. I've got to be able to hit different shots, I've got to keep working on that and my ballhandling. I'm also going to get back on my weight program. I have a lot to look forward to.

I remember in an earlier interview you said you believed that being injured during the previous evaluation period may have limited your offers some because you couldn't work out for the coaches, particularly with NC State. How important is this upcoming elite camp if you're going to earn an offer from NC State?
I'm looking forward to it. I know there is going to be a lot of talent. I know they have some other priority recruits, but I'm going to do the best I can and matchup with them.

There is only a couple of scholarships and there is a million players and a hundred very good players. I'm going to go out there and play and see what happens. I hope I do come out with the offer, but I know I'm probably not a priority at the time seeing how they are such a hot school right now.

We'll see what happens.

Where do you stand right now with scholarship offers?
I have Virginia Tech, South Florida, Miami, Utah, BYU, and George Mason, and I have about 20 from mid-majors. The University of Richmond, that's a good school. I've visited them a couple of times and I like their program. They've made some noise... that's a big-time school. Those are the ones I have.

Anymore visits coming up?
I haven't set any visits. Everybody wants me to visit. South Florida has an elite camp I might go to, and maybe I'll check out Miami when I'm down there. Utah wants me to fly out there, and I know BYU is out there too. George Mason is right up the road, and my sister goes there. I'm sure I'll go up and check out coach Hewitt and their program at some point.

Do you have a top five right now?
No Sir.

Are you wide open right now?
Yes Sir.

When do you hope to have a decision made?
I'm not waiting for a particular school. I just want to play it out. I don't have a set timetable. I'm just looking for the right school.

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