Beilinson Looking at Three

Panther Creek (NC) tight end Dan Beilinson is looking at three in-state programs. He tells Pack Pride what he likes about each and a possible time table for a decision.

NC State will likely take just one tight end from the Class of 2012 and the coaches would be thrilled if Dan Beilinson is the guy they bring aboard.

It's easy to understand why. At 6-5 and 230-pounds the Cary (NC) Panther Creek tight end already has a solid build and he has outstanding potential as a pass catcher as well. In short, he's the kind of all-around tight end any coach would love to have. That helps to explain his offer list, which includes schools like Arizona State and Vanderbilt in addition to a few in-state schools like NC State, Wake Forest and Duke.

NC State and Duke were once co-leaders for Beilinson but a new school has joined the party more recently.

"I'd say Wake Forest is also up there. I'm considering them a lot right now as well," Beilinson said. "It's between the three of them now."

Beilinson visited NC State last Friday, Wake Forest last Saturday, and Duke on Sunday.

"At NC State I obviously think the school is very nice. I did the camp for them and I thought I performed pretty well. I got to meet their new tight ends coach and saw what he's like. He's a great guy and they're still one of my top choices right now. I didn't really talk to the tight ends coach too much. I mostly just wanted to see what kinds of drills he did during the camp. It turns out those are the same drills he would do with his players too, so it gave me a pretty good look at what it would be like working for him. I got a look at his coaching style in general and an overall view of things," he explained.

"I talked to Coach (Tom) O'Brien for a little bit and everything's still the same with him. He still wants me."

His trips to Wake Forest and Duke also went well.

"I got a tour at Wake Forest on Saturday so I actually didn't do the camp. I just really got to meet some of the coaches and get a look at the campus because I didn't know as much about Wake Forest," he said. "Now that I've visited I'd say they're one of my top choices. They made a pretty good case.

"Duke was good too. I talked to their tight ends coach, Coach Cutcliffe and all of them, and I still like them as well."

Each of the three schools on his list only plans on accepting one more commitment from a tight end in this class and that could be something that factors into Beilinson's decision.

"They all have some other offers out there so they haven't been shy about telling me that," he said. "They're not hiding anything. It could certainly affect the timing of my decision. A school can only take so many tight ends in a year so obviously there's some pressure. You don't know if one person will all of a sudden make a decision and then you don't have that (offer) anymore.

"I'm not sure when I'll decide though. That's a tough call. I hope it will be a gut feeling that I get and it will just come but I'm not really sure. Hopefully it will be sometime soon but it could range from now until whenever. It could be anytime."

Beilinson went on to say that each school runs an offense that's somewhat similar to what they run at Panther Creek so any of the schools would probably be a smooth transition for him.

What about depth charts?

"Wake Forest says they have two seniors leaving right now and they have two other tight ends but they're both injured, so their depth chart isn't too deep," he continued. "There might be some early playing time there.

"At Duke I believe they have about a tight end for every year so I don't know when I'd be able to start playing there. NC State is basically the same as Duke in that."

Beilinson is's 30th-ranked tight end in the nation.

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