No Rush For Bennett

Findlay Prep (NV) combo forward Anthony Bennett officially burst on the scene at the Pangos All-American Camp and followed that up with a strong showing at the NBPA Top 100 Camp.

Findlay Prep (NV) combo forward Anthony Bennett officially burst on the scene at the Pangos All-American Camp and followed that up with a strong showing at the NBPA Top 100 Camp. He updates his recruitment in this interview with Pack Pride.


Describe your strengths as a basketball player.
I just go hard all the time and bring intensity. I get my teammates open, I can knock down the open three, and I can take my man in the post and work out on him.

What can you improve on?
My ballhandling, I've been working on that all year at Findlay Prep, and my shooting too. I've been working on that all year too so right now I can showcase what I can do.

How long have you been at Findlay Prep?
Just this past year, before that I was at Mountain State Academy in West Virginia.

How big is this summer for your AAU team?
It's great. If we can go far at the Peach Jam we'd be the first Canadian team to do that. We're just going in with the mentality to do that.

who are some schools you're looking at right now?
There is no top five or top 10. Right now I have West Virginia, Cincinnati, UCONN, Pittsburgh, Georgetown, Florida, Florida State, Xavier, Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, Washington State, UNLV, Arizona, and NC State I've got [an offer] from.

The coach from North Carolina tried to call me, and Duke is interested in me. I think I have Virginia and Virginia Tech... Kentucky, and so on.

You have a long list. Is the plan to wait until after the summer before narrowing it down?
I'll wait until after the summer and cut it down to a top five, if anything, and then make my decision in the spring.

So you'll decide in the spring?
Yes, in the spring.

What factors will you consider?
I'm not even thinking about that right now. It has to be a good school, which they all are, and it doesn't really matter how far it is because I'm at Findlay Prep and that's far from my home in Canada so that doesn't really matter.

Your AAU coach described you as a different kid because you aren't caught up with the name on the front of the jersey and the tradition of certain schools. He said you'll be looking strictly for the best fit. Talk about that.
Because in Canada there is no college basketball on TV so I didn't really care about it. When I went to Mountain State I started looking at the colleges some, and now I've watched some games.

I'm just starting to pick up where they are. I'm learning about conferences and stuff.

I can go out there and play my game because if my coach says a school like NC State called me or North Carolina called me I can just keep focused and keep working on my game and not gas myself all up.

He also said you will be paying attention to who is in the stands in July.
That's big because if a school says they offer but aren't really recruiting me, they just have an offer on table, but if the coach is calling when they can and watching me when they can it shows they really want me to go to their school.

I think that's a big factor because they are showing me love and want me to really play for them.

One school you mentioned was NC State. What do you know about them?
I talked to coach Gottfried a couple of weeks ago, and he's a cool dude. I don't know much about the school yet, but I want to learn more. All I know is that Ryan Harrow and C.J. Leslie went there last year. I've also been able to watch one game.

Are they on your list?
Yes, for sure.

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