Mitch Camping For Offers

Raleigh (NC) Wakefield rising junior quarterback Connor Mitch is expected to be one of the top in-state recruits in the Class of 2013. Mitch talked with Pack Pride about his recruitment and camp experience at NC State.

Raleigh (NC) Wakefield rising junior quarterback Connor Mitch is expected to be one of the top in-state recruits in the Class of 2013.

As a sophomore he passed for 3,300 yards and 33 touchdowns, leading Wakefield to a 10-3 record.

"My sophomore year was a lot better than my freshman year," said Mitch. "I feel like I grew up as a player, and obviously being bigger helped out as well. I think I've learned a lot and I'm trying to continue improving. No one is perfect in all areas."

Still two years away from signing a letter-of-intent, Mitch is already hearing from several high-major programs. He camped this summer at Clemson, Georgia, NC State, North Carolina, Duke, and Notre Dame, and he took an unofficial visit to Florida.

Although he is waiting on his first offer, Mitch feels that he was able to show coaches what he can do.

"A couple thought I was smooth and had a very quick delivery," he stated. "That's what I've heard from a lot of coaches. I would say my best camps were probably UNC and NC State. I also did really well at Notre Dame.

"I don't have an offer yet, but it gives me more motivation to work even harder. I feel like [North] Carolina is very close and so is UVA."

In terms of difficulty, a couple of coaches stood out.

"Duke was probably the hardest because we might have spent more time in the classroom watching film than on the field," said Mitch. "Coach Cutcliffe has coached the Manning brothers so learning from him was great. He taught us a lot of stuff.

"The hardest workout I went through was probably with coach Bible over at NC State. He made us throw from different, awkward positions. We had to make every throw possible while on the move and from awkward angles. It was very hard."

Mitch, who doesn't have a top five and maintains that he is wide open, admits that he is becoming very familiar with the three in-state schools: NC State, Duke, and North Carolina.

"At North Carolina the coaches are nice," he said "They are energetic and seem like good guys. You know what's going on there. We used to have season tickets to their football games when we moved down here a few years ago, but we don't anymore.

"I'm very familiar with Duke. My sister played basketball there so I've been on the campus a lot. I know where all the buildings are. I know almost everything about Duke.

"The first thing that stood out to me about NC State was coach Bible. He told me he's going to throw it about 50 times a game, and obviously I love hearing that. Their stadium is great and I like the campus. I like it all."

Mitch's older brother, Ryan Mitch, has already been through the recruiting process. A graduate of Hyattsville (MD) DeMatha Catholic, Ryan signed with the University of Maryland in 2003, and spent a couple of seasons at the school before transferring. Mitch's dad, Robert, lettered three seasons at Syracuse. The experiences they have had will certainly impact Connor's recruitment.

"I know quarterbacks may make a lot of early decisions, but I've learned from my brother not to rush my decision," Mitch stated. "He did that, and it never worked out. I learned from that mistake, and I will definitely take my time when it comes to making a college decision."

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