Gottfried: "We're An Unknown"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- New head basketball coach Mark Gottfried held his summer press conference Tuesday afternoon in the Dail Center. He talked about incoming players, scheduling and his goals for NCSU.

Mark Gottfried Press Conference

"Both guys, Thomas [De Thaey] and Alex Johnson, both can contribute this year. Thomas is a 20-year-old freshman. He's a physical guy who can really shoot it. We're excited about him. Thomas had a lot of options, we were excited to get him. He can be a contributor."

"Alex Johnson, after Ryan left, we felt the need to get another ball handling guard. We wanted to find a player that had graduated with the rules the way they are. He's a great young guy, he's a college graduate, he's got maturity. He's quick, he shoots it well and he's got good leadership skills."

"No, not yet. We've got a lot of work to do. Obviously we're not allowed to talk about those players that we are recruiting but it's a high priority for us to recruit great players who are great people that fit into NC State."

"People think it's a great place, and I agree. There is a lot of excitement about our program but what we have to do as coaches is sell what we have here. There is a lot to sell in my opinion. That is something we have to work at."

"It was key for us that a majority of our players stayed. The players returning want to win, and they want somebody to help them get where they want to go, which is the NCAA Tournament. What our staff has tried to do is make sure we spend a lot of time with our players and get to know them better. That was something we tried to as a staff."

"Guys want to know how they are going to fit in and they want to believe that we can win. That was our job with these guys. We'll see how it works out."

"It's hard to tell, when I look at our team I see a team that has a long ways to go. There are a lot of questions about whether this returning group can learn how to win. We're an unknown. I don't know where to put us. I really haven't studied the league to see who lost who, I've been so consumed with our players and recruiting. We should be viewed as a team that is up in the air. This team shouldn't be bad but I don't know that we can get real good this year."

"Once you get into the season, the league watches each other closely. By the time you play that first conference game, we've all watched everybody else. At that point in time we'll see where we stand. We have a long way to go."

"Where I've been on some the caravans and stuff it's been real positive, but the bottom line in winning your fans over is winning games. We need to have success and that's the goal. It's something I understand clearly. There is a lot of excitement right now and there should be."

"We've got some momentum right now, part of that is Debbie Yow. When you are coaching and you have support, you feel like you have some wind at your back, that is strong. All that combined, there is a great sense of positive momentum."

"The end of the day the goal is to put yourself in position to be in the NCAA Tournament, every year. You may not be good enough in certain years sometimes, but if your team can end up playing well and you get in a position what you don't wan to happen is that your schedule keep you out. We don't want that to happen."

"You want your guys to play and workout and play as much as possible. You can't be scared. Our guys know that. I know Leslie [McDonald], I recruited him while I was at Alabama. You hate to see that happen to anybody. As far as our players I go, I haven't said anything. They need to play hard and and work hard in the summer time. Those things just happen sometimes in sports."

"The way I get it, we were 5-11 in the ACC and 10th overall. Long way to go. We're at the bottom of the mountain looking up in my opinion. And that's okay to be there. That's where we are now. When I say it's a long way to go and our guys have taken some positive steps, I'm not just talking about a guys ability to make a foul shot. I'm talking about a mindset that they begin to understand day in and day out what it takes to be successful."

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