VIDEO: Gottfried Talks Pack

In this interview with WRAL, NC State head coach Mark Gottfried discusses the Wolfpack. Gottfried, who has been on the road recruiting, breaks down several topics including the returning roster and the players he signed since taking over.

"It's busy but hopefully at the end it can be productive."

"I think kids are excited about the potential here. High school coaches and traveling school coaches, there's been a warm feeling. What we've got to do is a good job recruiting players."

"We've got a long ways to go. This is a team that finished 10th last year in the ACC... 5-11 in the league. We've got to get better."

"The guys that are back I think are excited. They are on board, they want to win. There is no question they want to win."

"It's going to take some work."

"Let me back up and correct you a little bit. You mention C.J. Leslie. I don't think anybody is the guy on this team. I don't think there is a guy that is that. What we want to have is a team that doesn't care who gets the credit, doesn't care who scores. All they care about is winning."

"It's like the chalkboard was wiped clean. We're going to play the players that compete hard and play to win. We'll figure out who those guys are. Whether it's him or someone else, I have no idea until we get into practice."

"Good players aren't afraid to compete, and if you are afraid to compete then you're not going to win anyways."

"I think this group wants to win."

"We've hired, in my opinion, the best strength coach in the country, Bob Alejo."

"I think Richard has done a great job. He's taken ownership of his body and discipline. I'm excited about Richard... as far as what a guy can do in the spring and summer he has done exceptionally well."

"I don't think this group has a vocal leader right now. I think that's something that even Bob Alejo is in the weightroom trying to get that person to emerge."

"I think leaders emerge. They lead because that's the way they are wired to lead. I think our new guy, Alex Johnson, has done a nice job in a short period of time."

"Most players say they want to run. That gets them going. Now, it's easy to say that. You've got to learn how to be effectively a fastbreak team."

"We want to find teams that we think can win their league because if they are going to win their league they are going to have a good record."

"I was encouraged to learn how to Twitter, or Tweet... I'm learning that whole world a little bit."

"When you've coached a long time, I've been through the wars now enough to know that players who play the game to win are special... some players may play to game hunting for baskets or stats. Other players don't care."

"Everybody in the league has to improve their RPI."

"I want to recruit great players. Period. Who are also great students and great people, but we want the best players in the country and that is what we're going to go after. Hopefully those guys will be on our roster here shortly."

"I want players that want to play in the NBA. That's where the best play. They should have a desire to go there one day."

"I'm fired up, excited, appreciative of where I am... I think this place makes you excited. There is potential here. I'm pumped, I'm ready."

"Every part of the job you want to make sure you're better."

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