ACC Football Kickoff: George Bryan

PINEHURST, NC -- George Bryan spoke with the media on Sunday during the ACC Football Kickoff, covering topics ranging from h.

George Bryan Audio

"It's definitely going to be different. Me and Mike have definitely gone and [worked] with each other. I'm real excited to be with Mike and I'm looking forward. I think we'll just hit it in stride and it won't be too big of a deal."

"He's definitely got the tools to be a great quarterback in the ACC and maybe beyond that. He's just going to keep getting better and I think he's gonna be great."

"Just being his outlet if nobody is open. I'm close to the ball most of the time across the middle. I usually run those routes that are kinda just around him and he can dump the ball off to me if he needs to."

"I thought [Glennon] was really smooth [in the spring]. He knows the offense because he's been around. He has good mechanics, not that I know too much about quarterback mechanics but he looks good."

"The best thing was how he stepped up to be a leader. He's vocal in the huddle, everybody listens. He's got everybody's attention."

"Mike is definitely capable – if he needs to run he can do it."

"I think all of our wide receivers – the sky is the limit for them. They are a young group. Jay Smith could definitely be a top receiver. They are learning the plays and they are all really good athletes."

"We definitely have some athletes on our offensive line. They are getting bigger and strong and they are going to have a great year."

"[The Wilson situation] is usually the first thing that I'm asked. I just answer it the way I normally answer – just talk about the future and stuff and Mike."

"I've texted [Wilson] and talked to him about his baseball games but that's about it."

"I've caught tons of balls from Mike and I think we pretty much have the same connection and I hope it carries over to the season."

"Absolutely. [Mustafa Greene] is ready to go and I think our running game is going to be great. We definitely have to have it to be a great team and I think we have the people on the offensive line and at running back to do that."

"Obviously the goal is to get to the ACC Championship but there are so many great teams in this conference that you have to work hard at it to be able to do that."

"Understanding defenses kind of like quarterbacks do – that helps me out a lot. Knowing where holes are.. I've focused on that. I've been watching a lot of film."

"[Coach Horton] has definitely helped me a lot. He coached offensive line which is probably the part of my game that needs the most improvement is block and I feel like he's helped me out a lot."

"I try to stay focused on the team and not worry about [individual] stuff. Usually when you focus on that it tends not to work out. Just wait till the end of the year to see what you've done."

"I always wanted to play for NC State. I knew when they offered me that's where I wanted to go."

"Basketball has definitely helped me. When you are sitting with your feet still you are basically in the post – boxing guys out and trying to use your body against them."

"I know Russell is going to do what's good for him. I hope he does the best [at Wisconsin]."

"I didn't really know anything about [the Wilson situation]. I didn't talk to anyone about it. I just saw it on TV."

"It was a pretty easy decision. Those are some grown men in the NFL and I felt like I definitely needed to get better at certain things in my game before I try to go to the NFL. I also wanted to come back and try to do better and possibly win an ACC Championship at NC State. I love being there, I didn't really want to leave. I wanted to finish my senior year and graduate."

"Something drastic had to happen – somebody had to tell me something. It wasn't that big of a decision [to return]."

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