AJC: N.C. State now Football Power

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution gives the Wolfpack football program more positive press as Tony Barnhart writes that the Wolfpack is now a football powerhouse.

AJC: SPRING REVIEW: N.C. State now football power

Coming off the program's first ever 11-win season, expectations are high in Raleigh, and even in February fans are already looking forward to next year.

"I had people coming up to me and asking when the spring game was going to be played," said the rising quarterback. "People are already fired up about our game with Ohio State [on Sept. 13]. It's really cool."

Barnhart states that there's three main reasons for high hopes in Raleigh: Talent, Attitude, and Experience.

Press like this for next year can only help on the recruiting trail (I'm sure a few talent Georgia High Schoolers read the story in the morning paper) and it's always welcomed in my eyes.

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