Fall Camp, Day 1: Tom O'Brien

NC State started its fall camp on Tuesday afternoon with its first practice session. Tom O'Brien spoke with the media following the practice about expectations on the first day.

Tom O'Brien Audio

"Today with the heat was to make sure everyone survived and I think you have to give credit to Todd Rice. These kids are well-conditioned, they pushed through it. They are a more mature team and they understand what they have to do. That was a positive today."

"It's one down and we have 28 practices to get better. This is all about, camp is not a sprint it's a marathon. It's all about grinding. Everybody had fresh legs today and they were all quick but we'll look when we get to day five, six, seven and eight to see how they are doing."

"Amerson went in today with a little bit of heat but we'll check him out and he'll be hopefully fine and ready to go tomorrow. You have to be extra careful with the heat, but for the most part we did a great job today."

"That must have been you guys because it wasn't anything he wasn't used to around the rest of us. I don't know if he was or not, but like everybody else, it's a team effort and we have to get better."

"I'm excited for him because he's waited his turn and worked hard to understand the offense. We've talked all along, he's certainly a talented guy but once again he's just one of 11 that has to be out there."

"It's always important to be on the same page, that goes to route running and being where you are supposed to be. That comes with experience. That is the great thing about college football, guys get their opportunity, their time to play. They've been around, they've played the game. It's their time to perform."

"Nobody owns their jersey, North Carolina State owns the jersey and they have to earn it if they are going to play in the first game."

"Their teammates elect them [George Bryan and J.R. Sweezy] and that is what I like about the way we do captains. The coaches have nothing to do with it and it's a product of the fact, and we always wait until after summer conditioning, they have to prove themselves through spring practice and the summer strength and conditioning program."

"My answer to that question still remains the same. We're going to do what is best for Mike Glennon and we're obtaining that. There are some things we are going to try out in the preseason to see if he can do it or not. We have to maximize his strengths and minimize his weaknesses. The offense will reflect whatever those talents are."

"A lot of guys were forced to play before their time and it was a detriment to us a couple of years ago because they were playing. There are a lot of guys when you look out there. The guys who looked like they made the most strides today were the redshirt freshmen. They line up, they know where they are supposed to be."

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